How to make reindeer pins

How to make reindeer pins

Items needed:

  • An old-fashioned clothespin (found in a crafts store)
  • Paint
  1. Small Paintbrush
  2. Colored Markers
  3. Small eyes
  4. Small bell
  5. Small bow
  6. Pin backing
  7. Magnet backing


Be sure you have the old-fashioned clothespins. You know the kind that have “four” pinchers sticking up instead of the ones that we use that only have “two”.

Take one of the old-fashioned clothespins and lay it down. The two long handles sticking up are the “ears” of the reindeer. On the flat surface below the “ears,” either a black markers or black paint, and draw in some small antlers. Once you have drawn the antlers, take two small eyes and apply slightly beneath each one.

Then take either your black or red marker, or black or red paint, and draw a nose. (Be sure when you draw your antlers and nose that you fill in the drawing with the marker or paint also). Using either black marker or paint, go slightly below nose and draw the reindeer’s mouth.

Once you have completed your reindeer’s “face,” now attach the small red bow at the base of its “neck,” below the mouth. Once you have attached the bow, take small bell and attach at the base of the bow. (If you have difficulty with this part, simply untie the bow, slip the bell on, and then tie the bow and bell around reindeer’s “neck.” The tied knot should be on the back of the reindeer so that it can not be seen).

Once you have your reindeer “dressed,” then flip over, peel backing off pin, and attach to reindeer. Press down on backing for several seconds to make sure it is firmly attached. If desired, you can attach a magnet rather than a pin. Just peel backing from magnet and attach.

Once completed, you can either wear pin on your clothes, or hang onto your refrigerator or other metal surface.

NOTE: Some pins can also be made leaving off the bow and bell. If you choose not to use the bow and bell, be sure to extend Reindeer’s face so that it fills the flat surface of the clothespin.


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