How to make potholders

How to make potholders

It’s fun to make potholders because they’re so easy to do and you can pick and choose colors and coordinating patterns that exactly match your kitchen decor. To fill the potholders, you can use pieces of an old blanket or towel, flat cotton, or materials like denim or flannel.

Cut two squares, 8″X8″ of the potholder material. Then cut the fabric, blanket, or towel for the insides of the potholder the same size. You might want to use more than one layer of the particular materials you’ve chosen for the inside, depending upon how thick the fabric is.

After cutting all fabrics, lay a piece of the potholder fabric, wrong side up; place the innards for the potholder on top, and then lay the last pot holder piece on top of that. Sew around the entire stack of squares, very near the edge. Trim next to the edge, all the way around.

Quilt the pot holders by either sewing rows one way, then the other, or by making a diagonal pattern with stitches. Now use 1/4″ binding tape to go around the perimeter of the pot holder. Fold the binding tape over the edge , then make sure the bottom and top of the binding are exactly aligned before stitching the two together all the way around. Backstitch when you get to the end. Fold a small piece of binding tape in half, and then sew it to one corner of the potholder for hanging.

To make an oven mitt pot holder lay one hand, with all four fingers together and the thumb spread out, onto the potholder fabric. Draw around it, leaving plenty of room to sew on the binding, and have plenty of room to easily slide the mitt on and off. Place the layers of stuffing on the wrong side of one mitt shape, then more layers on the other mitt shape. Quilt the separate mitts by making rows one way, then the other, or a different quilting pattern. Place the two quilted mitts right sides together and sew from one wrist up around the finger portion of the mitt. Sew into the curve of the thumb, around the thumb, and back down to the opposite wrist.

Before turning the potholder right side out, make small slits in the fabric from the outside edge to the stitches. Do this from right before the curve of the thumb, all the way around the thumb. Make a slit about every inch or so. This will help make the thumb part of the potholder more maneuverable after turning the glove right side out.

Use a piece of binding tape to go around the opening of the mitt. Begin at one side seam and go all the way around until you are back at the side seam again. Overlap the binding tape about a half-inch over the existing binding tape, then backstitch. Fold a piece of binding in half and attach it to the outside side seam of the glove, for hanging.

You can also purchase a kit for making potholders that has a loom and cloth bands that are woven on the loom. These kits are available at many department stores.

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