How to make pizza step by step

How to make pizza step by step

What you need:

pizza sauce or tomato sauce (a spaghetti sauce may be substituted)
can of biscuits toppings ie: pepperoni, mushrooms, hamburger, ham, pineapple chunks cheese

To prepare:

Turn the oven on and set it for the temperature that is stated on the biscuit tube. Take out a cookie sheet and place tin foil over it or grease it. Open the pizza sauce and put a large-mouthed spoon in it. Open the toppings and have them ready. (If you choose a topping like a hamburger that needs to be cooked first, do that now, pineapple should be drained.) Open the cheese and biscuit container. Arrange these in a fashion so that the child can get to them easily.

Making the pizza:

Take 2 biscuits out of the can, do not separate them.
Flatten them with your hand. (DO NOT roll them into a ball, they don’t like to flatten back out if you do.)
Once the biscuit has been flattened out use your spoon to put sauce on top of it. Try to bring the sauce as close to the edge of the biscuit as possible.
Place your cheese on top of that and then your topping.
For fun, you could make faces or words out of the toppings onto the top of the little pizzas.
Once you are finished with all of your little pizzas place them on the cookie sheet and into the oven.

Check on your pizzas after about 6 minutes. When the crust is a light golden brown and the cheese is melted, take them out. If you are unsure about whether they are done take a butter-knife and insert it into the center of the pizza. If it comes out clean and the crust feels slightly tough, the pizza is ready. Let them cool and then serve.

Check on your pizzas

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