How to Make Pillow Inserts or Pillow Forms

How to Make Pillow Inserts or Pillow Forms

Some chairs, regardless of how nice they look, are simply uncomfortable. No matter how you position yourself or how many pillows you use there seems to be little comfortable in particular pieces of furniture. Now you can make a pillow throw that is placed into any chair to give you total comfort.

Choose a lightweight cloth that will be easy to work with while sewing. Consider materials like cotton, linen or even corduroy. Launder the fabric before starting the project. Measure the chair in question from the top of the inside arm, down and across the seat, then back up to the opposite inside arm top edge. Add four inches to this measurement. Now measure from the back of the seat to the front of the seat and add three inches. Cut two pieces of cloth to these specifications.

For the back of the cushion measure from the very top of the chair or a little higher to where the seat begins and add three more inches. Measure the width of the chair and add an additional three inches. Cut two pieces of cloth to these specifications.

With right sides together sew the first set of fabric pieces together, leaving a few inches open, at one side, for stuffing the pillow. After the pillow is sewn turn it right side out. Stuff the pillow with batting, cotton or foam pieces. Generously stuff the pillow without over-stuffing it. Stitch end shut. Measure the width of the original chair seat. Mark this width, plus two inches, in the center of the chair throw pillow. Top-stitch across each of the marks, from the back towards the front, all the way across. Do this on each mark. Now measure six inches on each side of the top-stitch seams and mark those all the way across. Stitch across these marks. Make sure when you’re stitching these sections that the foam inside is well distributed into each section.

Place the remaining two fabric pieces right sides together and stitch around the perimeter leaving an opening for turning. Turn and stuff the pillow then stitch shut. Mark the pillow in three equal sections and stitch across them from side to side. Be sure and backstitch each end of each of these top-stitched areas. If desired you can put a second top-stitch in, just a half inch away from the first one. Do this to each top-stitch area, not just one or two.

Lay the seat cushion into the seat of the chair then place the back cushion in the back of the chair. After making the proper alignments lay the back cushion forward onto the seat cushion. Pin the two cushions together where they meet in the lower back. Have someone help to hold the cushion set while you maneuver it under the presser foot. Sew the two cushions together across the back seam.

Simply place the throw in the chair and you’ll have so much comfort you’ll want to make a pillow throw for all of your chairs. Make the cushion about 44″X3″40″ for a universal fit to most chairs.

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