How to make paper snowflakes

How to make paper snowflakes

Making paper snowflakes is a simple, creative and fun activity for both children and adults. Paper snowflakes may be used for anything from decorating a tree at holiday time to pasting on windows or even used as nametags for winter events. The best thing about snowflakes is that no two are ever the same, so there is no wrong way to make a snowflake. Each one can be as unique as you like, so allow your creative side to run wild!

The materials you will need are relatively simple and easy to obtain. You may use any type of paper you like, from plain white printer paper to heavier construction paper, which is available in an array of colors. For additional creativity, however, using white paper and then coloring in color or design may add to the uniqueness of the project. A pair of scissors, crayons, glue, sparkles, confetti, or any other decoration you like can be used for your snowflakes.

To create your own unique snowflake, first, take a sheet of the paper you have selected for your project and fold it. First fold the paper in half, then in quarters, and finally, fold diagonally. Depending on the size of the paper you’ve selected, you may even fold diagonally twice.

Using the scissors make small triangular cuts along the edges of your folded paper. Opening the folded paper, you can judge your progress and add more cuts where necessary. With experience, you may better judge where to position the cuts in the paper to achieve more intricate snowflake designs. When you are satisfied that your snowflake is complete, unfold the paper, and you will have a lovely paper snowflake! Depending on the purpose of your creation, you may either use it as it is, or further decorate it to enhance its uniqueness.

To decorate your snowflake, one favorite is to use sparkles and confetti, both available at any craft store. Using regular household glue, or glue sticks, apply adhesive to your snowflake. While still wet, apply sparkles, confetti, or other decoration. Allow drying thoroughly, and your snowflake is ready to be used for an ornament or any other decoration.

One favorite use of snowflakes is as hanging decorations. After your snowflakes have been cut, designed, and finished, use a hole puncher to make a small hole at the top of the snowflake. TIP: Take a stack of snowflakes, ten or so, and using the hole puncher, punch a hole in the stack of snowflakes, rather than punching each snowflake individually. After the holes have been punched into the snowflakes, the next step is to thread them using invisible yarn or string. For this activity, the fishing line is best.

Thread a small amount of the fishing line through the hole in the snowflake and tie to form a hoop. The snowflake may now hang from the ceiling, either attaching to the frame of a panel ceiling or by stringing a line from one corner of the room to the other, draping it with snowflakes. Either concept is lovely and gives the impression of snowflakes falling from the sky.

Snowflakes may also be used as nametags, bookmarks or any other paper decoration needed. It’s a quick, easy form of Origami, which virtually everyone can enjoy.


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