How to make paper roll skeletons

How to make paper roll skeletons

To make your paper roll skeleton, you will need:

  • About 14 to 18 paper towel rolls (or 28 to 34 toilet paper rolls)
  • Several sheets of white construction or photo copy paper
  • Scotch tape
  • A pencil or small hole puncher
  • Newspaper scraps
  • A black marker
  • Hot glue gun (should be handled by adults)

To make the body of your skeleton, begin by wrapping each paper towel roll by rolling a sheet of white paper around it and fastening it in the back with tape. Tuck the ends of the paper inside the open edges of the tube. If you have toilet paper rolls, tape two together end-to-end first, then cover with paper.

In order to make the rolls sturdier, you can stuff them lightly with crumpled newspaper.

Take two paper towel rolls and tape them together end to end. Think of this as your skeleton’s spine. Set it down vertically on the table. Take another paper towel roll and glue it vertically across the spine, about four inches down from the top. About two inches below that, add another horizontal roll, then another below that. These will look like ribs. Continue adding more until you reach the bottom, putting the final one across the bottom just at the edge of the vertical roll.

Make arms by taking two rolls, punching holes through the end with the pencil or paper punch, and threading a pipe cleaner through it. Twist to tie it. Let the pipe cleaner be long enough to let the bones hang about 1 or 2 inches from each other.

Locate the spots on the top “rib” at the under-side of the open ends. Punch a small hole about ½ inch from the edge. Suspend an arm from each end of the top rib by punching a hole in it, and threading a pipe cleaner through it. Allow the pipe cleaner to let it hang 1 to 2 inches from the rib.

Make legs the exact same way you made arms, only attach them to the ends of the bottom rib with pipe cleaners, leaving enough slack so they dangle a bit.

To make hands and feet, take four paper plates. Trace a child’s hand on two paper plates, and feet on two of them. Then, cut out the shapes. Attach the little hands to the ends of the arms, and the feet at the end of the legs, with pipe cleaners.

To make the skull, turn the paper plate over on the table. Use a black marker to make big, black, spots to replicate eye sockets, a triangular nose, and a horizontal slash for the mouth. Then, make short, vertical lines across the slash to represent teeth. Glue the skull to the top of the spine.

On the opposite side of the top of the spine from the skull, make a small hole about ½ inch from the edge of the tube. Insert a pipe cleaner and loop it so that you can hang your skeleton on a nail or from a hook.

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