How to make paper claws

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make paper claws, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make your own paper claws that are sharp, strong, and perfect for any occasion.

make paper claws


Origami is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. Its modern incarnation in the form of “paper crafts” encompasses a wide variety of projects and paper folding techniques. One popular origami project is the paper claw.

Making paper claws is a relatively simple process that can be learned by most people with a little patience. With a little practice, you can make your own paper claws in any size or shape you desire.

What You’ll Need

  • A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Tape

Cut a strip of paper about 10cm wide and as long as the width of your hand.

Fold the paper in half lengthways and then unfold it.

Fold each side into the middle, so that the edges meet in the middle. 4. Now fold the paper in half lengthways again and staple or tape it together.

Cut some triangular shapes out of the end of the strip, about 2cm from the end. These will be your claws!

Now put your hand inside the strip so that your fingers are pointing downwards through the triangular cut-outs. 7. Spread your fingers out wide to make your claws look big and scary!

Step 1: Trace and Cut Your Claw Shapes

Use the template to trace and cut out your paper claws. If you’re using thinner paper, you can also use a pencil to score (not cut all the way through) the dotted lines before folding.

Fold along all the dotted lines.

coin or weight to hold the folds in place while you apply glue.

Step 2: Score and Fold the Claws

Using a sharp craft knife, score along the dotted lines on the template. Be sure not to cut through the paper!

Fold along the scored lines.

Step 3: Attach the Claws to the Glove

Cut small slits in the fingers of the glove. Insert a claw into each slit, and then use hot glue to secure the claws in place.

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touches

Now that your paper claws are complete, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Using a black pen or marker, draw a curved line along the bottom of each claw. This will create the appearance of a nail. You can also use a white pen or marker to add highlights to your claws.

To give your paper claws a realistic look, crumple them up slightly. Be careful not to crumple them too much or they will tear. You can also curl the tips of the claws for a more dramatic look.


Now that you know how to make paper claws, put your new skills to the test and make a pair of your own. Whether you want to use them as props for a play or simply want to scare your friends and family, paper claws are a fun and easy way to get into the Halloween spirit.


Q: What kind of paper should I use?

A: We recommend using thin, flexible paper so that your claws will be more comfortable to wear. You can also experiment with different types of paper to see what you like best!

Q: How do I make the claws look more realistic?

A: If you want your claws to look more like they’re made of metal or stone, you can try painting them with acrylic paint or wrapping them in aluminum foil before you start shaping them.

Q: Can I reuse the claws?

A: Yes, you can! Just be sure to store them in a safe place so they don’t get damaged.

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