How to make mosquito net hat

How to make mosquito net hat

Living in the south we have a definite mosquito problem. All over the United States mosquitos are common little pests. During the late spring and summer months, the little devils are unbearable. Now with the West Nile virus a constant threat, it is even more important to keep the insects off.

Any part of the body that is uncovered or without a mosquito repellant is a fair game for the little bloodsuckers. One of the most unpleasant things about have to use a mosquito repellant is having to spray the poison on our skin. Mosquito spray is especially unpleasant around the face and neck area. If you start to sweat it can end up in your eyes and mouth, and even in your nostrils. This is where a simple mosquito netting hat is a good idea.

A mosquito netting hat is a very nice thing to have, but you can rarely find one ready-made. Even if you can find one they are usually expensive. Making a hat as a do it yourself project is an easy answer to this dilemma. With a few simple objects and a hot glue gun, you can create your own mosquito-proof hat that will eliminate the need for annoying chemicals in your face and not cost you a fortune. With the right trim, they can be quite attractive.

You will need to visit your local hobby store. Any style of medium to wide-brimmed natural fiber that will work for this project. Make sure the hat fits and is well vented and of good quality. Comfort is important. You should pay from $4.00 to $10.00 for a nice hat. The mosquito netting should also be available in your local craft store. It will probably be in the material section. You want a loose cotton weave net, and you will need one yard. The netting should cost around $3.00 a yard. A yard of one-inch colorful heavy ribbon is your next item, and you will also need a needle and thread and a hot glue gun.

After your supplies are gathered you are ready to begin. Start by cutting your netting in half horizontally. This should give you 2 three-foot-wide pieces of the net. Fold over the top edge of each piece making a 1-inch flap. Sew by hand a loose in and out basting stitch all along the length of this top piece, leaving an overhang of thread on each end. Hold the end of the thread and push the net towards the middle causing a bunching or gathering effect.

Adjust the length of each piece by bunching it together making it fit evenly on one side of your hat overlapping in the front middle and the back middle by two inches. Hot glue into place, repeat on the other side, and allow to cool. Measure and cut your ribbon to wrap around your hat and cross over in the back, hanging down around four or five inches.

Glue over the ruffled net and stitching covering them completely and then crisscrossing in the back. Let the ribbon hang about 7 inches in the back for decoration. This is when you can really add your own personal touches, add buttons, beads, anything you can imagine. That’s all there is to it. You will have to make the necessary adjustments to get your netting to hang at the correct length.

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