How to make money with market research

How to make money with market research

Have you ever been wandering the shopping mall and had someone stop and ask you if you would like to take part in a market research survey?

Market research and advertising is big business today. There are people asking questions in election polls over the phone, stopping viewers outside movie theatres and even giving away free products on commercial TV if you simply call their 800 number and tell them what you liked or didn’t like about their candidate, food product or commercial advertising – and these people will pay some serious money for your responses!

Pinecone Research, formerly Acorn, do market research surveys on-line. You can make money and receive free products for doing 10-minute surveys on everything from cereal to furniture polish. I found out about this through Consumer Opinion Services (the market researchers at malls and grocery stores). If you go to Pinecone’s home page, you will find a toll free 800 number to call to get started.

Your first on-line survey, about you, will pay five dollars in cash. Once you are in the system as a surveyor, they pay you $5 by check for each survey. You also may receive free products, anything from shampoo to cereal to try out at home. These researchers are serious about the questions. Based on your answers, they will change the product, the packaging, the price, or even the advertising campaign.

Pinecone’s web site is specifically formatted to your computer equipment at sign-up even if you are a WebTV user, so the product displays and questions are easy to read and respond to in a hurry. One note of caution, however, you must have a working telephone and email in case of additional follow-up questions, but they almost never call unless a question has been skipped. Also, personal information such as income, race, and ages of family members are asked to determine demographics or target audience of sales.

Sometimes these little surveys will put you on a major list if you are a registered voter for a “focus group” – if you are asked to go to one of these, usually for political candidates and issues, they can pay over $50 and feed you dinner or lunch! So the next time you are stopped at the mall, remember the market researchers are asking you to make a difference in their advertising.

Often a researcher will ask your age or source of income. Anyone who works for a grocery store, advertising, or market research is excluded. This is because many of the products have not yet been introduced to the market and they do not want a professional in the field to give away their secrets. This makes many of the surveys fun and adventurous since some of the products are SO new they appear bold or even funny at first presentation to the public.

Radio and TV stations often do “listener” or “viewer” surveys. After an initial phone call, they send you a packet to keep track of what stations you hear or watch often and they also pay a small stipend for your trouble or send demo records/videos for your review.

In order to find out more, go to FREE STUFF in your search engine or look for Pinecone Research, Greenfield, or observe closely those 800 numbers on the products that you buy. Even a short letter to a company whose products you appreciate can produce a coupon or free sample from the company.

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