How to make money in between jobs

If you find yourself unemployed there are ways to make money between jobs. You just need to tap into your creativity and use your imagination to discover new ways to bring money home.

In order to come up with these ideas, you’ll need to do a little research. Read the want ads in the newspaper or utilize the internet. In your search focus on areas other than your usual career. Look at the business opportunity section as well as the work wanted and part-time sections for ideas to help ease the financial burden until you are employed again.

Surf the Web

Use your computer if you have one. If you don’t have one you can visit your local library. There are ways to use the web to bring in cash but be careful because unfortunately there are also scams out there.

There are opportunities on the internet to freelance (that is, perform work for companies off-site). Some of this work might include typing, data entry, tape transcription (medical or legal), writing, answering incoming calls, giving tarot readings, teaching online classes, translating, selling, web design, and assembly work. Freelance work these days falls into many different categories with opportunities for those who are unskilled as well as professionals.

Consider Part Time

If you are willing to work a couple of hours a day or a couple of days per week, there are part-time positions out there to help you through the tough times – especially if you don’t mind giving up nights or weekends. Although these jobs might pay considerably less than what you are used to, the fact is that having some money coming in is preferable to the alternative – watching your savings disappear for food, gas and utility bills.

You can clerk in a convenience store, stock shelves in a grocery store, deliver pizza, bag groceries, deliver newspapers, assist veterinarians, answer phones or take a stint at a drive-up fast food location dispensing fries and shakes.

Temporary Work

If you have any office skills at all temporary work can be a lifesaver. The best way to make sure you work enough as a temporary is by registering with several temporary agencies. Temporary agencies can be located through the want ads or by looking in the yellow pages underemployment. Be prepared to take tests that will gauge your skills in the areas of spelling, grammar, math, and typing.

I have found that the best way to get steady temp work is by calling the agency between assignments to remind them you are available. Call them to jog their memory and you might get lucky. Plus, if you happen to call in when a client is on the phone, you could get an assignment right away.

Although not every position will suit you, the upside is that most agencies pay weekly and that can be helpful when you need cash. And, because you are not in it for the long haul, if you find yourself in a situation that you don’t like you can request another assignment. Another plus for temporary work is that if you do like the job (and they like you) you may just find yourself employed again.

Garage Sales, etc.

Another way to earn quick cash is by cleaning out your attic and/or garage. Have a garage sale or take your things to a flea market. You can even try to sell them on the internet, which some people have found to be very lucrative. Make some money by selling stuff you no longer use. You can earn even more by letting neighbors sell some of their unwanted items by charging a slight fee. You never know, what is one person’s junk is another’s treasure.

Food For Thought

Try dabbling at something you would never attempt in the days when you had a job. After all, what do you have to lose? If you have any kind of skill, from cooking to carpentry, most likely you can earn money by doing it. You can take out an ad in your local newspaper advertising your services or print up flyers to see if you can get clients.

If you are at all handy or have any carpentry skills, you can offer to paint houses, clean gutters, do home repairs, or landscape. If home repair isn’t one of your strong points but you’re a whiz at math, you might try tutoring children who are struggling in that area. If you live in an area where movies are made you can sign on to work as an extra.

Other money earners include walking dogs, pet sitting, babysitting, cleaning houses, running errands, house sitting, washing cars, mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and washing windows. If you are talented in the kitchen you might try baking something and having a bake sale or better yet see if a local store in your area might be interested in selling your goodies.

If you are a professional or have knowledge in a particular area you can teach a class. Contact the adult education program or community center in your area to see if there is anything you might teach. You could offer to teach typing, computers, woodworking, gardening, cooking, sewing, yoga, aerobic exercise, or dancing. Make a list of all the jobs you’ve held or the skills you’ve been trained in. You may be surprised at how long your list is.

You never know. Being unemployed might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Maybe you’ll discover hidden talents or start your own business. And you could end up liking your new career much better than the one you left behind.

You never know.

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