How to make mixed drinks

How to make mixed drinks

Learning to make mixed drinks is not exactly rocket science. However, it is a bit of chemistry and creativity. The thing to remember is there are two types of mixed drinks. Ones that contain alcohol and ones that don’t. So whether you are learning to make mixed drinks in order to become a bartender or just learning for entertaining at home there are several relatively easy and affordable ways to go about learning to make mixed drinks.

First of all if you want to learn how to make mixed drinks one of the cheaper ways to do it is to buy a recipe booklet. These can be found in any major bookstore or purchased online. These little books offer a wide variety of choices and often include pictures so you can see just how the drink should look.

Now if you are looking to become a professional bartender you will want to go to school. Yes that’s correct you can go to school to become a bartender. Although it’s a lot cheaper than going to a four-year university it still will run you more than buying just a recipe booklet. But the thing to remember is that going to school to become a bartender will also show you some tricks of the trade. So in addition to learning how to make mixed drinks you will also learn how to interact with your customers. Most schools that teach bartending skills also help you to obtain your liqueur license, which will be a requirement by whatever state, you are living in.

Now in addition to learning about different liqueurs and mixers you will also need to learn some other things. First of all as a bartender you need to have the right glasses for whatever drink you will be preparing. A rum and coke is going to come in a much smaller glass than say a margarita. So making sure you have an assortment of different types of glasses is something you will need to familiarize yourself with. Obviously if you are working in a bar or restaurant all of this will be provided for you but you will still need to learn what type of glass you will use for the drink you are making.

You also need to make sure you have any garnishes that come with the drink. For example a bloody Mary should come with a stalk of celery or a mint julep might come with a sprig of mint. You will need to have sections of limes, lemons, oranges, pineapple and more. You will also need to have maraschino cherries on hand for something simple like a Shirley temple.

You will need to have supplies. Ice and an ice scoop are not the only things you will need either. You will need to have shakers on hand, glass rimmers for adding salt or sugar along the rim of a glass, bottle openers and those pretty little drink umbrellas just to mention a few. It all depends on the level of experience you are trying to gain.

Moving along to mixers. Mixing a drink is more than just adding various kinds of alcohol to the beverage. You will be using different kinds of mixers. Again this will all depend on the types of drinks you are going to make. You will need tomato juice, some soda pops, and various types of fruit juices.

Now you need to decide if you will be using alcohol to make your drinks or just different types of juices and mixers. Perhaps you will be using both. Again it all depends on the types of drinks you want to make. There are so many different brands and types of liqueur it would be impossible to mention all of them. It may be a good idea to talk to other bartenders or to an employee of the local liquor store to find out more about the different types of alcohol available to you and what they go well with.

If you are learning to make mixed drinks you will come to understand it is a trial and error process. The more ingredients you need to add the more complicated it is. So practice will make perfect over time. And don’t forget that unless you are some kind of magician you will probably never make every single drink there is out there because there are multiple drinks that fall under just about every single letter of the alphabet.

Now go give it a try. Make yourself your favorite drink. Whether it is something simple like a screwdriver or a gin and tonic or perhaps something a little more complicated like a daiquiri. You will need to experiment and just have fun.

Now go give it a try

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