How to make magnetic car signs

magnetic car signs

Advertising has gotten so expensive that many small businesses are finding it harder and harder to afford. A simple ad in a newspaper or phone book can set you back hundreds of dollars, each time you run the ad. Everyone knows that it’s important to advertise your business, but finding ways to do so without spending a fortune can be tricky. If you drive a lot, use your home printer to advertise your business inexpensively by making a magnetic sign for the side of your vehicle. As you travel to the city, hundreds of people will see your sign every day, promoting your business while saving yourself money.

Buy a pack of magnetic printable sheets at a store that sells printer supplies, and open up your software program to do an art design. Most any printing program will work fine. It might help to draw the design you have in mind out on paper, so you can see how it will look before you print it. You don’t have to be a design artist. Just state what you want to say in as few words as possible, list the company name, address, phone number, and email, if any. The sign will be four pieces of magnetic sheeting put together, so your design will have to be split first down the middle, then across the middle.

One way to make the sign look more professional is to choose a colored background. Don’t choose anything that’s so bold it grabs the attention, while the words fade away. Select your background color, then begin creating the design. The sign can simply have the company name, address, and phone number, stretched out across all four pieces of magnet, or it can be in sections. One section can have: BOATS, one section: CARS, one section: FURNITURE, then the fourth section can say Smith Upholstery and the phone number. Or you can have a logo, designed by yourself, or chosen from your printing program, along with a small mention of the type of service you offer, and the contact phone number.

Whatever design you choose, make sure that your program is set for no borders. If you don’t, there will be a plain white border around each magnetic sheet. You can choose a border that goes around the entire sign but doesn’t pass through the center of the design. Print the design out on a piece of printer paper to make sure you’re satisfied with it, or print it out on four sheets, to get the full effect. When you’re satisfied with the design, print it out onto the magnetic sheets. Don’t forget to make 2 copies of each sheet, so you’ll have a sign for each side of the car.

To make a simpler, smaller sign, make a design that will fit on one piece of the magnetic sheet. Make 2 sheets, one for each side of your vehicle. Be sure the print is large enough to be seen from some distance.

When placing the four-part magnetic sign on the vehicle, be sure and align the intersections of the sheets closely, and make sure all four pieces are level. You don’t want your sign to run downhill.

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