How to make interchangeable hat bands

How to make interchangeable hat bands

Cowboy hats are expensive and because of that, most people who wear them only own one or two. But, why wear the same old cowboy or cowgirl hat when you can make it look completely different each time you wear it. Cut strips of fabric and tie around the hat, or use different colored bandanas for hat bands. You can also tie various shades of leather strips around the hat.

Fabric comes in so many different colors and varieties that there’s no shortage of hatband ideas at your nearest fabric store. Roll up the metallic fabric and tie it in a knot, tucking the ends of the fabric into the band itself. Or, hem a strip of fake fur, then attach it to the hat. Fabrics printed with wolves, deer, owls, or other woodsy critters look fabulous on a cowboy hat. Other great fabrics are satin, corduroy, denim, or vinyl.

Braid three strips of leather together and wrap it around the hat, using glue to hold the ends together, or attaching a clip of some sorts, like an old clip-on earring, to hold the braids. Or, cut a wide strip of leather and wrap it around the hat, using Velcro dots on the end to hold it together. You can braid for a few inches, then slip a turquoise-colored bead onto one strip, then continue braiding a few inches and stop to slip another bead onto a different strip.

Attach metal conchos to a strip of fabric or leather, and then attach it, with Velcro, around the hat. Or, attach feathers to the fabric or leather strip for a different look altogether. You can make one feather hatband out of white feathers, make another from black feathers, then make still another from colored feathers.

The feathers don’t have to go all the way around the hatband. You can select a nice fabric to tie around the hat, and then affix a group of feathers at the knot. Other things you can glue to a piece of leather or fabric are foam shapes, small novelties, tumbled rocks, appliques, or ribbons.

Old necklaces make great hatbands, too. Fasten them around the hat and if they aren’t long enough, add some additional chain. Or, fasten several chain bracelets together then slip them over the hat.

Your local craft store or sewing department has lots of stuff to choose from when making hatbands. Cord for tying back drapes can be found in a variety of thicknesses and different colors. Braid three narrow pieces together or use one wide piece to make the whole band.

Cut the plastic ends from decorative shoe laces and braid them together to make a cute hat band, or use colored hemming tape for the band. Secure with Velcro dots on the ends.

Use old belts to make hatbands by cutting them to an appropriate length, then fastening a snap-on metal edge for the end of the belt. The metal edge can be found in most sewing departments. Child’s belts might not have to be cut down to size and can simply be slipped over the hat.

You can decorate the belts by gluing on rhinestones, unique buttons, clip-on earrings, fabric paints, or a metallic monogram. Look around for other items that might make a nice hat band or things that can be attached to existing hat bands.

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