How to make homemade body scrub whitening

How to make homemade body scrub whitening

It can be a challenge to keep your skin looking its best, especially for those who do not have much spare time or money. Skincare professionals recommend that all-over exfoliation be incorporated as a regular part of the skincare routine. Doing so helps remove dulling old skin cells and encourages the production of new ones. While we all understand the necessity of exfoliation, many of us do not do so as we should because we cannot afford to.

One could easily pay twenty dollars for only a month’s supply of commercially available body scrub. What few people realize is that equally effective body scrub can be made at home for about a quarter per serving. If you want to have smooth skin and save money at the same time, try out this recipe for a homemade body scrub.

Why Scrub?

Before undertaking this project, you may wish to understand the benefits of regularly using a body scrub. As mentioned earlier, exfoliation gets rid of dead cells and reveals the live underlying ones. While this results in more beautiful skin, it also has other benefits worth mentioning. For one, exfoliated skin retains moisture more effectively.

This means that you will be less prone to recurring dry skin problems. Also, scrubbed skin can more efficiently absorb nutrients and minerals applied to the skin. In other words, your lotion will work better if you rub it into exfoliated skin. In short, regular exfoliation is an important part of keeping the largest organ of the body in peak shape.


The ingredients for a body scrub can be as simple or exotic as your tastes and budget allow. Basically, an exfoliating treatment consists of a base to which coarse ingredients are added. For the beginner, a prefabricated base is the best choice. Depending on what you prefer, you may use a basic shampoo, liquid soap, body wash, or lotion.

Any of these mediums will work well applied by hand or using a shower puff. In order to choose an exfoliant, you need to determine your skin type. For example, coarse bath salts are popular and highly effective but should only be used on oily skin types because they can be drying. A good alternative is coarse raw sugar, which removes dead skin without dehydrating. If you prefer, you can use a plant-derived scrub.

Ground oatmeal, apricot pits, cornmeal, and ground almonds all make excellent exfoliants and are easy to find. Just make sure to grind them finely in a food processor. Otherwise, sharp pieces could remain and damage the skin.


To begin crafting, choose a container large enough to hold at least two cups of body scrub. Since you will probably be working with a lotion or shampoo base, the container in which they were bought can be used. Next, combine your base with a tablespoon of exfoliant per cup of lotion or body wash in a bowl. Stir this mixture until the scrubbing additive is evenly distributed.

At this point, you can add any extra ingredients as well. Transfer the scrub to your chosen container and securely fit the lid. Use it all over the body every three to five days, working it into your skin with your hand, a washcloth, or a shower puff, and rinse.

Beneficial Additive

While nothing extra is required to make a scrub work better, some items can further protect the skin from drying as you exfoliate. To copy expensive store scrubs, try blending beneficial vitamins into your next batch. While the transdermal (through the skin) effects of vitamins are not scientifically proven, many people continue to advocate their use in body treatments. If nothing else, they will leave a thin layer of protective oil on the skin, which will help hold in moisture.

Try adding the contents of two vitamin capsules per cup of body scrub. The most readily available and popular are vitamins A and E, both of which can be bought in the dietary supplements aisle of your drugstore. Vitamin C also believed to have skin-improving powers, may also make a good addition to your scrub. Crush up one tablet to add to each cup of body scrub.

Scent and Color

If your body scrub base is fragrance and color free, you may wish to add your own creative touch. Easily accessible scents can be found in your local baking aisle in the form of baking oils. Add chocolate, mint, almond, or citrus oils to taste (not literally, though) to achieve an olfactory treat.

To give your product inexpensive visual appeal, incorporate a few drops of food coloring into the blend. Just remember to use these tints sparingly or you may tint your skin. As your hobby grows, you can also buy cosmetic fragrances and aromatherapy blends from online stores to personalize your body scrubs.

Making and using your own handmade body scrubs is the perfect way to combine beauty and frugalness. You may find that your cosmetic creations become an addictive addition to your body care regimen, both because they enhance your skin’s beauty and because they will save you so much money. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family, male and female alike.

Best of all, every body scrub will be as unique as you are because you made it yourself.

Best of all
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