How to make homemade baby wipes

How to make homemade baby wipes

Becoming a parent can be one of life’s biggest challenges. Taking on the financial responsibilities that come along with those little ones can sometimes become a bit overwhelming. Finding ways to cut spending can help a family in a financial crunch.

One way to help a little is to make your own baby wipes. These can become expensive, especially if you have more than one child in diapers. Making your own can be much less expensive than the store-bought and just as good as the name brand.

To begin you need to invest in an air tight plastic container. It will need to be large enough to hold a roll of paper towels. A good size to start with is a 12-quart tupperware type container with a lid. You can pick these up at your local dollar store or grocery store. These containers cost between $2.00-$5.00.

Next, you want only the best ingredients on your baby’s skin, so you will want to use name brand products. You will need a baby wash, baby lotion, and baby oil. If your child has sensitive skin or is prone to having skin rashes, you will want to use products that include aloe or a similar ingredient.

You will not want to use baby products with lavender or other aromatherapy ingredients. The washes that include menthol or products that are used for colds are not to be used for these wipes. These types of products may cause rashes and/or types of infections.

After you have chosen your ingredients, you will want to carefully consider the “main” ingredient for your wipes. These wipes are made from common everyday household paper towels. You will want to try several brands to find the one that is right for you. In considering paper towels, you will want to choose a brand that is absorbent, durable, and one that will have a soft texture once it is dampened.

The paper towels need to be soft once they are damp because you will be cleaning the most delicate and sensitive areas of your baby’s body. Some brands have a course and rough texture to them and this may cause a scratching sensation while cleaning the baby with them.

Now that you have carefully chosen your ingredients and you have an air tight container, you are ready to make your home made baby wipes.


1/4 c. baby wash

1/4 c. baby oil

1/4 c. baby lotion

Two c. hot tap water

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Mix well. You will want to be sure and use hot water to insure that the baby lotion will mix well with the other ingredients. Stir for approximately two minutes. Take your roll of paper towels and remove them from the cardboard center. An easy way to do this is to place your roll in the air tight container.

Take the first towel end and begin pulling until you have pulled them all off the roll, leaving them still attached. Place your towels in the container and slowly pour ½ your liquid mixture over the top. Be sure to saturate all the towels. Next, turn your towels over and use the remaining ½ of the liquid mixture to saturate the other side.

You now have made your own baby wipes. If you have chosen quality products, you should have quality wipes. These will travel nicely in the container and save your family money at the same time.

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