How to make hemp necklaces

How to make hemp necklaces

Hemp jewelry creation is a fun and fast activity. While some of the basic techniques are hard to do quickly at first, over time you can make necklaces in five to ten minutes. Making a basic hemp necklace also requires only a small amount of material. You can make jewelry with friends, family, and even your children. As you gain in proficiency, you can also add in a complex range of knots, beads, and accessories, making your hemp jewelry collection a valuable addition to your fashion wardrobe.

To start off with, you will need approximately a tape measure, a spool of hemp twine (polished so it doesn’t feel scratchy), scissors, and tape. The first thing that you need to do is measure out approximately 3 yards of the twine. Cut that from the spool and set it aside.

You then need to cut a one-yard length from the spool and fold it in half. Put the folded end towards you, then take the other length of twine that you cut. Place the folded hemp on top of the other strand. With the second strand, you are going to do what is called a square knot.

Place the right cord over the folded strands, and under the left strand of this piece of hemp. It will look similar to a number four. Now, move the left side cord under the folder cord, and through the opening made by the right side of the strand. Pull the hemp tight. You would want to then put a piece of tape on the top loop that this will make with the folded strand, and continue with making the same knot over and over again. This will make the necklace end up with a distinctly spiral pattern.

For the more traditional flat weave hemp necklace, you would want to simply alternate the square knot, reversing the directions given for the first knot. You can also add beads to the design for either spiral or flat by stringing them up along the folded hemp strand.

When you are ready to finish off the necklace, you just need to do an overhand knot by gathering all the loose twin together, and looping it around itself. Then pull the end through the loop made, and cut off the excess.

This is both an enjoyable, and environmentally safe hobby. Hemp is very easy on the environment to grow, as well as being a very versatile material. Hemp has been used for quite a few products and industries. Hemp jewelry is also a gift suitable for any age or sex, so it might be fun to make some up for holidays, parties, or just because.

The unadorned pieces usually go over better with guys than girls, so keep that in mind when you start incorporating beads into your design. The plain hemp jewelry is usually considered unisex and seems to stay in style most of the time. You won’t have to worry about the fashion police with these pieces. Your first few pieces might not be perfect, but just keep trying and you’ll find yourself making quality jewelry for friends and family.

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