How to make headbands for baby girls

How to make headbands for baby girls

All moms love to dress up their baby girls. Part of dressing up baby is to have cute little hair accessories that match the baby’s outfit. Even if a child has yet to sprout a significant amount of hair, moms still have options for daughter, besides a bonnet. Elastic makes it easy to create a fabulous array of baby girls’ headbands which are beautiful and easy to assemble.

Some materials you’ll need are 1/4″ elastic, 1/2″ elastic, small silk flowers, satin or other suitable fabrics, Velcro, ribbon, bows, and strands of tiny beads. There are several different types of headbands that you can make, but for a baby, all of these should completely encircle the head. Headbands that go from behind one ear across the top of the head, to behind the other ear are not suitable for babies. They can get them off and poke themselves in the eye or incur other injuries.

Measure the circumference of the baby’s head and cut a piece of elastic this exact size. On a sewing machine, lay a strip of fabric which is about 1/2″ inch in width, and approximately 2″ longer than the elastic. Place elastic piece on top of the fabric and stitch the elastic to the end. It is not necessary to fold the fabric under. Fold the side edge of the fabric 1/4″, then over onto the elastic, now fold the opposite side over 1/4″, then over onto the elastic and the fabric.

Sew down the middle, stretching elastic out during stitching. Be careful not to pull the elastic in only one direction, causing you to break a needle or bind the thread. Instead, hold elastic at each end, stretch, and guide through the stitching process. When you get to the end, remove from underfoot and clip threads. With right sides together, stitch the two ends of the headband together, backstitch, and stitch again. Remove from the machine and clip the seam closely.

To decorate the head band, you can sew on small silk flowers, leaves, pearls and such. You can also make the basic design, then sew around the entire headband, attaching flowers and such as you stitch. Instead of silk flowers, you can also use pieces of satin which have been folded into a rose shape, foam shapes from a craft store, or fabric pieces cut into assorted shapes. Other items you can use to decorate the headbands are rhinestones, sequins, veil netting, and little satin bows.

For a more versatile headband, attach a small piece of Velcro onto the top of the headband, off to one side, if desired. Now, make a variety of floral arrangements with a small Velcro piece on the backs, so that the embellishment can be removed and replaced with another. Make some headbands in basic girls’ colors, like white, pink, yellow, and green. Then, with the Velcro attached to each one, you can place bows, floral arrangements, beads, or whatever you like. You can make these headbands in a wide version, by using the 1/2″ elastic, or the narrow version by using the 1/4″ elastic.

A different way to make a baby’s headband is to purchase a girls’ headband of the cloth type and place it on the baby’s head for measurements. Measure how many inches from one end of the headband to the other, while on the baby’s head. Wrap the headband in ribbon, starting at one end, wrapping the entire headband, then ending by allowing the ribbon to reach from the east end, back to the first end, with the allowed extra measurement.

This should now be a headband with a piece of ribbon attaching the two ends together. This will make it easy to place on the baby’s head without worrying that the baby will remove the headband and injure herself. Continue decorating the headband by placing beads or bows and whatever additional embellishments you desire, onto the headband.

You can use fabric glue if these are to be permanent or use the Velcro method. Look around at your craft or sewing store for other cute ways to decorate the headbands, and your baby will be the fashion plate of the neighborhood.

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