How to make handmade photo album ideas

How to make handmade photo album ideas

Do you have a pile of old pictures lying around and would like to organize them into a scrapbook or photo album?

If so, follow these instructions to create a memory book for yourself or a friend, and treasure it forever!

A basic photo album or blank page scrapbook can be bought fairly cheaply from a drugstore or greeting card shop. Buy stick glue, and try to get a special acid-free kind that won’t destroy or mar the color quality on the pictures. Other supplies for this project can be found around the house: scissors, colored paper (including construction paper), old magazines, and used cards. Any other decorated paper can also be used, and colored markers, pencils, or crayons can be used to label the pictures or add artistic designs/borders. Computer design programs can also be used to add creative fonts, colors, and any graphics which you may have available.

First, organize pictures in chronological order, event order, or any other means of compiling them which you choose. You can place as many pictures to a page as you want, but do your best to estimate how many pages you have to work with. Additional pages can be bought from the store, but make sure they are the right size!

Plan the layout of each page before permanently fixing it in place. Backgrounds can be supplied by borders in magazine advertisements, colored paper, or your own creative designs. Pictures can be arranged straight or at an angle, however, you choose. A fun addition is to cut out quotes or arrange letters from magazines on the page as a label for the pictures. You could even make these cut-out words look as if the people in the pictures were saying or thinking them by placing them in a white paper cloud above their heads.

For scrapbooks, the procedure above can be followed with the addition of keepsakes or memorabilia which corresponds to the pictures on each page. Items such as ticket stubs, certificates, brochures, and other paper memories work best because they are one-dimensional. However, this idea can be modified to include some more 3-D items like locks of hair or pieces of fabric, etc.

The outside of the book can be decorated in many different ways. Puffy paints can be used for lettering, or adhesive vinyl letters can be bought for a more professional look. Another way to decorate it involves finding a fabric and some thin quilting padding and gluing it to the outside for a soft, patterned cover. Two short ribbons can be glued on the inside covers of the front and back to keep the book closed when they are tied in a bow.

These are just some suggestions for the creation of a photo album or scrapbook, but feel free to add your own ideas or creative twists to personalize your album even more. They make great gifts and can be a beautiful way to treasure your memories for years to come.

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