How to make handmade invitations

How to make handmade invitations

Whether throwing a birthday or dinner party, baby or bridal shower, you need to send invitations.

It is actually relatively simple to make hand made invitations yourself. All you need is to have a few supplies, a little patience and the desire to create.

The starting point when it comes to making hand made invitations, is the event. Once you concetrate on what kind of event it is, you will be amazed at what ideas you can come up with.

The simpliest invitations to make are the kind that you can make using your computer. At any art supply store or copy center, you can buy printed paper meant to be used for inviations or announcements. This paper comes in a large variety of styles appropriate for many occasions.

If you want to make a party invitation, you might pick a paper with confetti and ribbons around the border. If you are throwing a bridal shower, pick a paper with a delicate light or lace pattern. If you are throwing a sports-related event, chose a paper that has a sports theme.
At the time you buy the paper, be sure to also purchase matching envelopes.

Then on your computer, print the basics of the event you are throwing. Time, date, place, event, etc. Set it up as you would for any standard size paper. Make sure to use print preview to see what it will look like. Put the specialized paper in your printer and start printing. Once you’ve done your invites, you can do all the corresponding envelopes. These invitations will obviously be 8 1/2 x 11, since that is standard size letter paper. When the invitations and envelopes are done, fold the invites very neatly in thirds and put in an envelope.

With practically no time at all, you have created a themed invitation that your friends/family will be impressed with.

There are some more slightly involved types of invitations to make.

One type of invitation is made by cutting and pasting images, icons or artwork related to the type of event.

For instance, if you are throwing a dinner party, you can collect pictures of certain food dishes, wine, plates, etc. These graphics can come from magazines, newspapers, off the Internet…anywhere you can find them.

Arrange the images on a piece of paper in a way that is pleasing to you. Take your time, you will be surprised at how great you can make these invitations look with some patience.

A good way to include the necessary info on this type of invite is to include it among the images. You can cut out words and numbers (date of event, time, etc) from the magazines and include them in your layout.

After you arrange everything on the paper, take it to a copy center or anywhere with a color copier. A good idea is to purchase some decent qulaity card stock. Load the card stock in the color copier and start copying you assembled invitation.

What you will be making is a very artistic, creative and impressive looking invitation that anyone would be happy to receive.

Another method of making invitations is more suited for engagement parties, wedding showers and anniversaries.

Take a picture of the couple being celebrated and make a black and white copy of it. Paste it onto a piece of paper and in your best handwriting add a caption. It can be as simple as writing the couples names. It can say “Join us in celbrating with “Jane” and “Bob”. Then on the back of the paper, include all the details (event, date, time, location, etc)

Again, you will need to make copies of this invitation, since it would not be feasable to do each one by hand. You can print the invite onto card stock or you can pick a fancy paper to copy them on to. Here’s where your creativity comes in.

The last suggestion for making a hand made invitation is very simple but also elegant. On a good quality paper or card stock print out the eventd details in a beautiful font (if you are doing this on the computer). If you have the ability to do calligraphy, that would be a great option here.

You can either do each invition seperately or make one and run off copies.

After the details are added, you will add a piece of vellum on top of the paper that has the info. Vellum is sort of like a very thick, good quality tracing paper and can be bought at any art supply store.

Cut the vellum to exactly the same size as the invitation and place on top of it. Make two small holes about 1/4 to 1/2″ down from the top and not more that 2 inches apart. Take a beautiful piece of ribbon and feed it through the back of the paper and the vellum, tying a knot in the front of the invitation. The vellum over the invitation creates an elegant look.

Once you get started, you will come up with ideas of your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to try new things.

People are always surprised and delighted when they receive something that is hand made. Your effort and time spent on any invitations will definitely be noticed and admired by the recipients. Good luck!

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