How to make hand puppets from bags

How to make hand puppets from bags

How to Make Hand Puppets from Bags

Making hand puppets from paper lunch bags in an inexpensive way to have fun with your young children, as well as foster creativity and pass time on rainy days. The puppets are really quite simple, limited only by the crafters imagination.

  • To make hand puppets from bags, you will need the following supplies:
  • Paper lunch bags (generally, these are brown in color, though some stores carry them in teal, purple, and white)
  • White glue (or glue sticks for very young crafters)
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Miscellaneous crafting supplies, such as glitter, ribbon, yarn, scrap fabric, beads, buttons, sequins, wiggly-eyes, curling ribbon, uncooked pasta, craft feathers, stickers, etc.
  • Newspapers

To begin with, spread newspapers over the surface the puppets will be created on. Then, lay the unopened lunch bag in front of you, with the flap that is the bottom of the bag facing you.

This flap will be the face of the puppet. Draw, paint or color on the puppets eyes. You could even glue on wiggly-eyes, if you have them handy.

Add a nose for the puppet if you wish. Buttons and beads make wonderful noses when glued on. Anymore, there are many cartoons whose characters do not have noses, so this is not absolutely necessary.

Next, the puppet needs a mouth. Typically, space, where the bottom flap of the bag lies against the body of the bag, makes for a perfect mouth opening. Draw a tongue in this space, or glue in a piece of tongue-shaped felt, and your puppet can now speak.

What would a puppet be without clothes? While crayons, paint, or markers can certainly be used to craft clothes for your puppet, scrap fabric, ribbons, and glued-on sequins can work equally well. Just be sure to let the glue dry before you move on to the next part of your puppet.

Let’s not forget your puppet’s hair! Most young children are content to slather the top edge of the puppets head with white glue and then stick on shredded paper, curled curling ribbon, or bits of yarn. Of course, you can always continue to add puppet hair on the back of the puppet’s head (the body of the backside of the paper bag) if you so desire.

Painted uncooked pasta would also make delightful puppet hair. Simply glue on the uncooked pasta, and then paint it carefully once the glue has dried. Older children may enjoy painting the pasta first, then attaching it.

Now that you have created a basic hand puppet, you may wish to make him or her a little more advanced than some of their puppet buddies. To do this, you may consider cutting arms out of felt, and gluing them to the sides of the puppet. Shoes and hats can be made the same way; cut from felt and glued.

If you are able to find the lunch bags in colors other than brown, note that the teal bags lend themselves well to being policeman puppets (excellent for teaching very young children about police officers), white bags are easily changed into snowman puppets, and purple bags may remind youngsters of their favorite purple dinosaur.

Once your puppets are finished, put on a puppet show.

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