How to make hair bows on clips

How to make hair bows on clips

Let’s face it, most girls LOVE hair bows. What mother would not live to see her little girl’s eyes once in a while, too? But oh, how expensive are those things anyway? Just one or two can set you back five bucks! And what girl only has one or two outfits? What is needed is not just one or two, but a whole slew of hair bows for your little girl. If you have more than one darling in your life, then maybe you even need two or three slews of the things. Get out your credit cards, ladies!

Wait, before you go crazy in the hair boutique, maybe there is a better way. How about making your own hair bows? IMPOSSIBLE you say? How about this; reserve your judgment until after you read the rest of this how-to, then make up your mind.

Materials needed (all these can be found at your local department store):

One package metal hair clips – 3″ long
One spool wired ribbon – 3″-4″ wide
One spool florist wire
One pair wire cutters
Hot glue gun

  1. Begin by opening one hair clip so that the bar hangs down, and the top of the hair clip is facing up. It does not matter which end you start on, however. Remove the little bar spring that spans the length of the underneath of the hair clip. Hold the rest of the hair clip it so that it is comfortable in your hand.
  2. Next, take the wired ribbon and the spool of florist wire. Make a small loop in the ribbon and place it at the end of the hair clip. Wrap the florist wire tightly around the loop of ribbon so that it is firmly attached to the hair clip – DO NOT FASTEN OFF. Leave the florist wire hanging for the time being.
  3. Now, make a loop of ribbon about 2″ tall, ending down at the hair clip, close to where the ribbon is fastened to the hair clip. Secure that 2″ loop with another length of florist wire (just extend the wire across the bottom of the hair clip).
  4. Continue making 2″ loops and fastening them all the way across the hair clip, always making sure to extend the florist wire along the bottom of the hair clip. Make sure the loops are as close together as you can make them.
  5. When you get to the end of the hair clip and can make no more loops, cut off about 1/2″ of ribbon and roll it to make a neat end. Wire it as you did at the very beginning of the process. This makes a neat end to your ribbon. Remember to wire it securely.
  6. Using your wire cutters, cut the florist wire.
  7. Using the hot glue gun, make a dot of glue at the points where the floral wire has sharp ends, so as not to scratch the scalp.
  8. Replace the spring bar in your hair clip.

There. You have now made your very own hair clip. If you were just to make one, yes, it would be expensive. But you have a whole package of metal hair clips and the rest of your ribbon and enough florist wire to make many, many hair bows. And, by all means, do not limit yourself to the type of bow you just learned how to do above.

Also, do not just use the wired ribbon. That is just the easiest way to start. Why not just make a pretty bow all by itself and wire it to a hair clip? You know the type I am talking about….just a big bow with a knot in the middle. Yes! A regular bow! That will work, too! Wire ribbon would be best for that. The point is to experiment with different textures, colors, materials. The list is as endless as your imagination. Get up, and get going!

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