How to make hair bows and scrunchies

How to make hair bows and scrunchies

Hair accessories can quickly and inexpensively add punch and pizzazz to any outfit. The process of making these items can be as fun and fulfilling as wearing them. A collection of paraphernalia including elastic, clippies, hot glue gun, needle and thread, floral wire, and of course bright-colored ribbons can be transformed into one of a kind finishing touches for any outfit.

The finished clips can then be embellished with soft sweet lace, coordinating or complimenting fabrics, and a selection of cute trinkets. This can be accomplished with a certain amount of creativity and very little cash.

To make a bow for a little girl, cut a piece of one-inch wide lace six inches long. Sew a gathering stitch across the backside of it. Pull the gathering thread until the lace forms a circle. With the thread still intact, sew the ends of the circle together. Choose a coordinating or complimenting one-half-inch lace or ribbon and repeat this process. Sew the smaller circle on top of the larger circle. Tack a very small bow or a cute matching button to the center. Hot glue a clippie to the back. The bow is complete.

A large fluffy bow can be created from about one and a quarter yards of ribbon. Cut an eight-inch length and a two-inch length of ribbon before beginning to build the bow. Have a piece of floral wire available, also. Hold the end of the ribbon pinched between thumb and forefinger. Make a five-inch loop and again catch the ribbon between thumb and forefinger.

Repeat this three more times. Build two more loops using four inches of ribbon each. Continuing to hold the looped ribbon between thumb and forefinger, place the eight-inch piece on the bottom. Loop the wire around the center of the bow and twist. Both hands now being free, wrap the two-inch piece of ribbon around the bow turning under the raw edges, and sew it securely.

Remove the wire at this point or simply clip the ends and leave it. French-cut the ends of the eight-inch piece on the bottom making two four-inch tails for the bow. Hot glue a clippie to the center of the back and the bow is complete. This bow can be built with a single-faced ribbon, but it will be necessary to twist before placing it between the thumb and forefinger each time.

A scrunchie can be made using virtually any fabric or combination of fabrics. Depending on the thickness of the hair in which it is to be worn, use a four to a six-inch piece of elastic. Create a ten to fifteen-inch length casing of the desired fabric. The casing should be one to three inches wide. Feed the elastic through the casing and securely sew the ends together. Sew the ends of the casing together turning under all raw edges. Two lengths of one to three-inch ribbon can be sewn together as the casing if desired.

This is a fun and creative project that can be accomplished by young girls or grandmothers. The process is enjoyable as is the end product. Bows and scrunchies make adorable items to keep as well as fun and personal gifts.

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