How to make hair barrettes

How to make hair barrettes

Practically anything you see on the accessories shelves at your local department store, you can make at home after visiting a craft department. Pins, tie tacks, earrings, watches, all can be made by starting with the purchased hardware. Another thing that is simple and cheaper to make yourself would be barrettes. The bare barrettes are sold by the packet and contain enough to make several sets. They come in sizes for very small children or large ones which are great for adults and girls with long hair.

Make a very dainty barrette by first gluing on a piece of lace. Trim lace has the finished edges and is the best for making the barrette. You can also use veil netting for the base of the barrette. The lace or the veil netting can be any color, or you can paint glitter on it before attaching it to the barrette. Scrunch the lace across the barrette, rather than simply laying it flat on the metal. Then add small silk flowers, thin ribbons, and even baby beads.

Letter beads are popular amongst kids and can be used to spell the child’s name on the barrette. Instead of the name, they can spell out School, Wednesday or the city where they live. The beads come in plastic or metal, a variety of colors, and are found in tiny or huge styles.

A school-aged child can make a set of matching barrettes with beads, in her school colors, alternating the colors on the barrette. Or simply cover the barrette in glue, then dip it into a pile of seed beads.

Make glittery barrettes by covering the hardware in glue, then dipping it into sequin. Let dry and repeat the process for sparkle and dimension. Or make them the child’s birthstone color by gluing and attaching rhinestones. The rhinestones can also be arranged in stripes of colors or mixed, multi-color.

Make puppy barrettes, kitty ones, birds, dolphins, or an array of other animals. Just choose a ceramic, foam or plastic animal novelty from the craft store, and glue it on the barrette.

Look for unique things that you can do with your handmade barrette. Crayons, bells, shells or stones are unique things to glue on a barrette.

Wood and foam shapes are easy to work with and come in shapes like apples, airplanes, bugs, flowers, coins, clouds or rainbows. Paint the wooden shapes then attach.

Use pre-tied ribbons in a solid color, or a mixture of colors to glue on the barrette. Start by covering the base of the barrette with the bows, then adding more and still more until the barrette has dimension and is completely covered in the satin bows.

Place a piece of lace on the barrette then use tiny beads that are pre-strung to decorate. Start by placing the end of the string beads at the corner of the barrette. Swing out an inch, then back across the barrette, then out an inch, and back. Continue this, twisting each time the strand crosses the barrette to make figure 8′ down the length of the barrette.

Try combining different techniques, like placing lace and small beads, then centering a bead with the child’s initial. Or attaching veil netting, then a small animal charm.

Try combining
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