How to make gossamer and wire fairy wings

How to make gossamer and wire fairy wings

Making all or part of your child’s Halloween costume can be easy and fun. Many costumes call for a set of wings, which are very simple to make with little or no sewing. Here are two variations to make a pair of gossamer and wire wings for your dainty fairy, lovable bumblebee, or a beautiful butterfly.

For this first idea, you will need craft wire or thread wrapped wire, wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors, floral tape or other strong tape, pliers, craft glue or glue gun, 2 yards sheer, the sparkly fabric of your choice, 5 yards matching one-inch ribbon, needle, and thread or sewing machine.

Take the wire and cut about 52 inches, depending on the height of your child and how big you want your wings to be. Holding it in the middle, fold each end into a large circle, twisting the end over the middle of the wire. Secure each end to the middle with floral tape. Make sure the ends are twisted around and under the middle of the wire so that your wings don’t come undone and no ends are sticking out to injure your child.

Now, taking each large circle, twist it in the middle near the cross piece so that four sections are created. Make one circle larger than the other and shape them as desired with your pliers. The upper circles should be more rounded and full, while the lower ones should be more elongated. These are now your two sets of wings.

Measure the width and length of each wing, and cut out a corresponding oval shape on the fold of the fabric. If you know how to use a sewing machine, gather the cut edges of the fabric. If not, using a needle and thread, stitch a loose in and out stitch along the cur edges. Place the fabric over the wire wing, and pull the threads tightly. This will cinch the fabric onto the wire, creating the gossamer part of the wing. Secure the pulled threads and edges of the fabric with floral tape.

Using part of the matching ribbon, wrap it in an overlapping manner around the cross piece of the wings, covering up the floral tape. Using your craft glue or glue gun, glue the end of the ribbon in place.

Cut the remaining ribbon into two lengths. Fold them over each end of the crosspiece, and secure them to each other tightly by sewing a small seam across the two pieces of ribbon, joining them together around the crosspiece. These are to secure the wings to your child. This can be done in several ways. The ribbon can be placed over the shoulder and under the arm and tied in a bow on each shoulder. They can be crisscrossed over their torso and secured with Velcro tabs.

A second variation involves using four-wire coat hangers as the wings and colored pantyhose for the fabric. You will need four-wire coat hangers, two pairs of pantyhose or other colored tights, floral tape or another strong tape, craft glue or a glue gun, 2 yards of half-inch elastic, needle and thread or sewing machine, pliers, decorative glitter, gems, etc.

Using the pliers, straighten the crook of each hanger. Pull each hanger into a wing shape of your choice. Place the now straightened ends of the crooks together with two wings on each side and floral tape or duct tape them together, making sure there are no ends poking out. Cover the ends completely.

Cut the feet off the pantyhose or tights above the knee to give you plenty of fabric to work with. Stretch one over each wing shape, and secure at the middle section with more floral tape. Cover up any ragged ends neatly.

With the elastic, measure the length needed to go from the shoulder, under the opposite arm, and back to the shoulder. Cut the elastic a few inches shorter than this and sew the ends together with the needle and thread. Using floral tape or your glue gun, secure them onto the ends of the crosspiece. They will be worn in a crisscross fashion on your child’s body to keep the wings secure.

Using craft glue, decorate the wings with glitter, gems, or other small items, and allow to dry.

Using craft glue

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