How to make ghost suckers

Not only is this craft easy and inexpensive, but it also produces quite a few ghost suckers! Ghost suckers are great for kids to take to school to give to their friends at Halloween, for teachers to pass out to their students as special treats during class in October, or for parents to pass out to all of the neighborhood trick-or-treaters as a trick with a hidden treat inside.

When doing these crafts with kids, make sure to follow proper safety guidelines. Don’t let the children eat suckers while making their ghost suckers. It would not only be messy but poses a choking danger as well. Also, make sure each child does not share any of their candy.

  • In order to make this project, you will need the following materials:
  • Suckers
  • Tissues
  • White material (cotton, linen, silk, lace, or tulle)
  • White or black string
  • Markers
  • Scissors

Each ghost will require one sucker. To start, place a tissue on top of a sucker so that the middle of the tissue is setting on the top of the sucker, as though you were putting a blanket over the sucker’s head. Make sure to keep the wrapper on the sucker. If you don’t, the exposed sucker may become sticky and stick to the tissue. You can add up to four tissues, in the same manner, depending on how puffy you would like your ghost to be.

Next, cut squares from a white material of your choice. These squares should be roughly the same size as the tissues. The white material is going to be the visible portion of the ghost, like a sheet. You can cut it to the size of your choice if you would like, depending on if you would like the sucker stick to show or not.

You can also cut the edges of the white material with ragged lines to make a different type of ghost. When you have a square of your desired design cut from the white material, place it on top of the sucker just as you did with the tissues.

Adults may need to help small children with the next step. Take a piece of string, wrap the pieces of tissues and cloth tightly around the head of the sucker, and tie the string underneath the head. Essentially, you are wrapping the head of the ghost tightly but letting the rest of the fabric hang down under the string, like a skirt. Securely tie the string under the head and fluff up the layers of tissue and fabric close to the sucker stick to puff out your ghost.

The final touches can be made with a black marker. Add eyes and a ghostly mouth to the head of the ghost. Add a crazy face if you feel creative, or even try several different colors of material to make colorful ghosts. Have fun with this project, and when you crave a sweet treat, cut the string under the ghost’s head, unwrap the layers, and enjoy!

The final touches

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