How to make friends

rebuild trust in a broken relationship

Making an acquaintance into a friend is a bit of a game. First, you must be introduced to the person, then you must use small talk to delve your way into their world. It is best to do some research on the subject ahead of time, so that conversation can be orientated around things that they enjoy talking about. Body gesture is very important for keeping a conversation going, an open relaxed inviting posture will entice your new acquaintance to confide in you.

When the friend is not a power friend, and yet a social, or school time friend, constant communication is more important than research and body language. Once you have a new social contact, make sure to drop notes, such as Christmas cards, e-mails, or even forward them funny jokes that you find online. It doesn’t have to be specified at one particular person, yet you can form a list of new contacts which you wish to remain in contact with, and do mass mailings.

There is a happy medium between insecurity and cockiness. If you seem too sure of yourself, your new contacts will be jealous and spiteful. However, if you are too insecure, they will mock you and not value your friendship. A questioning glance positioned here and there, and an occasional closed posture will let them think of you as a respected equal instead of someone to overcome or step upon.

In order to take a school day friendship, or a business partner relationship, to the next level of social freedom and true friendship, there are a few steps to take. Instead of simply inviting the person out to dinner, or over to watch TV, have them join in a social get together. If you are new to the neighborhood and don’t have enough acquaintances to have a large get together, get invited to someone else’s, then simply invite your friend.

Although in a love relationship, it is important that each person feels as if the other person needs them, in a friendship relationship the opposite is true. Until you are best buddies, don’t rely constantly on one another. If your newfound friend feels as if you are looking up to them, you will be treated as a little sister or brother rather than one on their level.

So when making new friends, approach the person slow, know their background, and be open to suggestions. If you want to continue the conversation inside, however they want to step out for a breath of fresh air, smile and go along. Keep in constant communication so they feel liked, yet not nagged upon. Be careful to act as their equal, and not their superior or inferior. Make the process a game, the end outcome will be worth the while, a cadre of endearing friends or business acquaintances.

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