How to make friends for kids

How to make friends for kids

Tips for Kids: How to Make Friends

Some kids walk into a classroom and start talking to everyone they see, including the teacher, the janitor, the other kids, and inanimate objects. Some kids are just born this way.

Others are a little shy, shoving their hands into their pockets, afraid to get noticed and scared of meeting new people. Making friends is not always an easy task for kids so here are some ideas to get your kids in a more social environment.

Positive Affirmation

Some kids are just shy by nature and others worry that other children won’t like them if they approach them. Start by letting your kids know how special they are and what wonderful personalities they have.

Point out their positive attributes, like how they are great listeners, how they love animals, how they are compassionate, or how they are generous. Kids need to believe that they are worthy of good friendships and that they are important in their own right. By providing positive affirmations to your child, he or she will start to believe that they are truly special and one-of-a-kind, because they are.

Outside Activities

What kind of natural talents and abilities does your child have? Maybe she is graceful and loves skipping around, so why not take her to a ballet class. Perhaps your child loves kicking the ball around, so why not introduce him to soccer. Suppose your child loves to be in the water 24-7. Maybe she would like to be on a swim team. The easiest way to figure out what kind of outside of school activities your child likes is to ask.

They may think you already know what they would like to do. Joining sports teams or organizations like ballet or drama teams your child up with like-minded children. Usually, these types of activities meet several times a week, so your child will be able to build solid friendships with those kids around him/her. Invite some of the kids over for a sundae party or a movie night at your house. Your child, in his/her own environment, will more than likely feel less shy, and his/her true colors will come through and shine.


One of the best ways for kids to come into their own is to show them how to volunteer for special organizations. Perhaps they can read books or magazines to the elderly at a local retirement home. Maybe they can serve food at a homeless shelter or teach mentally handicapped kids arts and crafts during the summer.

Volunteering helps children realize that they can make a difference in somebody else’s life, which, in turn, boosts their self-worth. Also, other kids of the same age may be volunteering as well which will expand their circle of friends who are also doing good deeds for the community.

Showing Interest

Nobody wants to approach a child who is withdrawn and sullen. Teach your child the value of a smile and a compliment. A smile will attract other kids simply because it is human nature to want to be around others who are positive and happy. Instill in your child the benefits of being a good listener. Educate your child in asking questions to get to know others better.

Kids will enjoy other kids’ companies more if they feel that the other child finds them genuinely interesting. Nobody likes to be around somebody who talks about him/herself all of the time.

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