How to make foil pans

Need a foil pan in a hurry? No time to run to the store? Not a problem if you happen to have a roll of foil. You can make a bunch of foil pans in the time it would take you to go buy some. Use heavy-duty foil to make all sorts of shapes of pans: sheets, cake pans, pie pans, and more. A caution to those who will be making their own foil pans: uses caution when removing them from the oven. Foil pans are not extremely sturdy. Hold the pan from the bottom when removing.

One of the simplest foil pans you can make is a baking sheet. Used for cooking biscuits or warming a pizza the sheet takes only a minute to design. Tear off two equal size pieces of foil the approximate size of a real baking sheet. Place the sheets together and begin turning the sides up an inch. After you have all four sides turned up pinch the corners together to hold.

If you’d rather have a round pan use scissors to cut the foil layers into a circle. Turn the sides up an inch all the way around. You can also lay the pizza on the foil sheets and cut it into a circle around it. Remove the pizza and spray foil with non-stick cooking spray. Now place the pizza back onto the foil and turn the edges up and over the pizza crust.

For quick cake pans place three to four layers of foil on top of one another and cut into a circle. You can use cake pans you already have for measurement or simply make an approximate size. For cakes, the pan should be fairly exact or the cake might turn out too thick or too thin. After cutting into a circle fold the sides up three inches all the way around.

Don’t forget to allow extra inches for turning up the sides. Cake pans can also be formed into a square. When forming squares remember to pinch the corners together. When you fold the four sides up of a square pan there is excess foil at the corners. Wrap one side of the corner around to the other side and pinch tightly together.

It’s easiest to make foil pans if you mold them from an existing pan. This keeps you from dirtying a pan since you can simply throw the foil pan away after usage. Turn the real pan upside down. Lay the foil layers on the pan and fold over the sides. Pinch the corners together and remove them. Use several layers for something heavy like cake but only a couple of layers for things like biscuits.

Fashion a pot by turning a bowl upside down and using it for mold. Pots that will be used on the stovetop need four to five layers of foil. It can then be used on the stovetop or while camping to warm water and liquids. Use on medium heat. Hold the edge of the pot with a potholder while stirring. Do not try to lift the pan with foods in it. Scoop out soup and other liquids with a cup.

When turning over foods like hamburgers or steaks with a fork it’s easy to poke a hole in the bottom of the pan. Take care not to go through the meat and into the foil.

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