How to make fire logs

How to make fire logs

Making your own colorful fire logs is fun and easy. If you live in an area where firewood is not plentiful this recipe can help you enjoy warm fires on those cold winter nights. The process is inexpensive.

The logs give off an incredible amount of heat and help augment the cost of that high winter heating bill. To make Grand Ma’s fire logs to burn in the fireplace, which cast off beautiful and colorful flames you need the following ingredients:

  • 4LBS Copper Sulfur Phosphate
  • 3LBS Rock Salt
  • One Gallon Distilled Water
  • Old Newspapers

Mix together the copper sulfur phosphate, rock salt, with the gallon of distilled water. Open the newspapers and place each daily paper one at a time in the mixture. Allow the papers to soak until they are saturated.

For larger papers use the Sunday edition or combine more than one paper. Roll the papers into logs and place in a cool dry area to dry. Once they are dried store them until they are ready to be used.

These logs are easy to make and the cost compared to buying firewood is minimal. Plus, using old newspapers for firewood is an excellent way of recycling paper that may otherwise have ended up in the local dumpsite.

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