How to make felt and button Christmas tree shaped ornaments

How to make felt and button Christmas tree shaped ornaments

Kids only get to help decorate the Christmas tree once each year so it is a special, fun time of the year. But what makes decorating the Christmas tree more fun for a child than getting to decorate it with his or her very own handmade ornaments?


Green felt

Assortment of colored buttons
Needle and thread or hot glue
Poster board

How to: step by step instructions

Draw or trace the shape of a Christmas tree onto the poster board and cut it out. This poster board Christmas tree will be the template. If more than one person is participating in this project then cut one template for each person involved.

Cut the green felt into large squares and give each participant one square of green felt. Place the template on the green felt and using the maker trace the shape of the Christmas tree around onto the felt. If there is room on the green felt, trace another Christmas tree, in fact, make as many as will fit on the allotted square of felt.

When one or all of the trees are traced, cut the shapes out with scissors. Cut inside the lines made from the black marker so that the lines don’t show. If this is too difficult for the young ones don’t worry too much about lines. In this case, turn the tree over to the back side which shouldn’t have any marking on it before continuing on with the project.

If the participants in the project are old enough to sew, or you would like to teach them to sew, use a needle and thread for this project. If they are not old enough, use a hot glue gun. If you choose to use a hot glue gun you can plug it in at this point to get it started heating up. The gun can be set to a low temperature if you have a glue gun with more than one temperature setting. Give each child a bowl filled with several buttons, the number depends on the size of the buttons and how heavily you want the tree to be decorated.

Now the participants can begin sewing the buttons onto the tree in any pattern or in random order. The buttons, when sewn on will act as decorations on your green felt Christmas tree. If you have chosen not to use a needle and thread for this project simply glue the buttons on and let them dry. At this point in the project, if you are just using glue, you are done when the buttons are all one. You can repeat these steps to make additional trees.

Once the buttons are sewn on, take the needle and thread and stitch around the sides of the ornament for added decoration. This step is optional, but when pretty red or yellow thread is used around the outer edges it looks very nice. This step is too complicated for very young kids and can be skipped. You will need to sew on a ribbon for hanging at this stage as well, even if you skip the rest of the stitching.

These ornaments don’t spoil like cookies or popcorn strings so they can be kept for years and years. They are easy and so they make a perfect Holiday time craft because they can be done in just a few steps so they won’t take time away from shopping and wrapping.

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