How to make feather mardi gras masks

How to make feather mardi gras masks

Mardi Gras is a time for celebration and fun. You can add to the revelry by making your very own Mardi Gras feather-covered masks. Feathered masks are very popular accessories during Mardi Gras festivities. Make colorful feathered Mardi Gras masks to sell, wear, or give to fellow Mardi Gras participants. These handcrafted masks often meet or exceed the quality of store-bought Mardi Gras masks.

To make a feathered Mardi Gras mask you will need heavy-duty poster board, thick craft glue, pointed craft scissors, a paper punch, a 12-inch long piece of round elastic cord, an ½ yard of colored rickrack, a pencil, and lots of colored feathers of various sizes.

Start by drawing the base of the mask on a sheet of heavy-duty poster board. Use another mask as a stencil, or draw it entirely freehand. Most feathered Mardi Gras masks are not full-face masks. They cover only the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Cut out the mask, and hold it over your face to determine proper positioning of the eyes. Make dots to mark the center of the eyes, draw the eyeholes, and cut them out using pointed craft scissors. After cutting out the mask, use a paper punch to make a hole on both sides, and tie on the appropriate length of round elastic cord. Be sure to make the cord long enough so the mask can be comfortably worn for long periods of time.

Mardi Gras masks are predominately green, yellow, and purple, but you can add other feathers to accent these colors. Choose the feathers you want to outline the top and sides of the mask. Trim the feathers for the top center of the mask, and make them approximately 4 inches long. Cut the surrounding feathers so they become gradually shorter. The shortest feathers will be used for the sides. Glue the feathers to the outer edge of the mask using thick craft glue. The feathers that will surround the eyes will cover the ends of the bordering feathers. Allow the glue to dry completely, and trim the feathers again if necessary.

Choose contrasting colored feathers to cover the area surrounding the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Cut the feathers to a length of approximately 1 inch. Glue them to the mask by layering them in a tiered fashion, making sure that all of the poster board is covered. Set the project aside to dry before continuing.

After the glue has dried, you can put colored rickrack around the eyeholes. Choose rickrack that’s the same color as the feathers bordering the mask. This will provide a nice contrast to accentuate the eyes. Cut off the appropriate length of rickrack, and glue it to the edges of the eyeholes. Allow the glue to dry completely, and the mask is ready to wear.

For something different, try making a mask covered entirely with imitation pheasant feathers or other imitation game-bird feathers. Surround the eyeholes with colorful rickrack to complete the mask.

You can also make a more eye-catching mask by making a few of the bordering feathers considerably longer than the rest. Another idea is to glue short feathers in a rainbow of colors around the eyeholes. Use your imagination to create a unique Mardi Gras mask to express your unique Mardi Gras spirit.

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