How to make fake Scar wounds

How to make fake Scar wounds

The easiest way to make fake scars for a Halloween or costume party is to purchase the kits that are now available in many department stores during the fall. These kits contain everything needed to make fake scar wounds and the kits are inexpensive. If you want more than a couple of scars, though, you’ll have to buy several kits, which could become costly if your wounds are too be extensive.

With makeup, you can wreck your face beyond recognition with a few tricks to making the scars look real. Use less expensive makeup products, as some of them will be ruined when you are finished applying your wounds. You’ll need a tube of red lipstick, a concealer stick, black mascara, black eyeliner, red lip liner, baby powder, and black liquid eyeliner.

Create convincing stitch scars by using the eyeliner pencil to draw a long, black line across the forehead or cheek. Now, draw small vertical lines through the horizontal line, about a half-inch apart from each other. Next, dab a little baby powder on the scar to give it texture, then dab each mark with mascara, then baby powder until the wound begins to build up. As the mascara and baby powder mix, it will form some clumps, which is even better for the appearance of the scar. Try to get as many of these clumps to stay adhered to the wound by pressing them with a finger or a Popsicle stick.

After the wound is the desired size, paint each mark of the design with the liquid eyeliner. When the eyeliner has completely dried, go over the scar with the red lip liner, allowing both the black eyeliner and red lip liner to show when finished. For a wound that hasn’t been stitched, draw two sides of a triangle coming out of the hair, with the tip of the triangle pointing towards the eyebrow. Color in severely with black eyeliner. Outline with red lip liner. To show depth, build up the outline by adding layers of baby powder, and then lip liner. Add an extra touch by smearing some of the red lipstick directly onto the hair where the wound is.

To simulate a bloody road rash scar, take the mascara and get the brush generously full. When ready to apply, use the brush of the mascara to wipe the “rash” onto the face, neck or arms. Use the mascara brush in a downward motion until the scar is as long as desired. For a wider scar, go back to the top of the original marking and right beside it, run the brush down the skin again, repeating until scar is as wide as desired. Pat baby powder on after each mascara application. Now, wipe as much of the mascara off of the brush as you can and tap the brush into the red lipstick, generously coating the mascara brush. Repeat the road rash pattern, going down the scar, dipping the brush in lipstick, and then going down the next section of the scar, applying baby powder between coats.

Make ice pick scars by first applying a thick coat of concealer stick to the desired area. Now cut off small pieces of the black eyeliner and attach them by pressing them down, onto various spots of the concealer area. Press each dot until it is the approximate size of an ice pick. Using the red lipstick, make blood marks dripping from each dot by drawing red marks straight down from the center of each hole, to just below the hole. Press hard with the lipstick, allowing tiny chunks of the lipstick to adhere to the mark. A substitute for the black eyeliner is the mascara. Using the very tip of the mascara brush, dot the scars on, pressing down and twisting the brush each time. Then apply the red lipstick.

Additional scars can be made by drawing a large dot on the area with concealer and immediately attaching a small wad of bathroom tissue. Go over the tissue generously with concealer, until the tissue is well attached. Make several of these wounds all over the face. It is not necessary that they be round in appearance. You can also use the liquid eyeliner to paint around the injury and fill in entirely. After completely dry to the touch, paint a large, red blood mark dripping from the center of the wound by pressing the lipstick hard against the skin and drawing up and down with it until the desired amount of “blood”.

Experiment with different looks and different types of make up until you become skilled at creating your own scarred-up, eerie appearance.


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