How to make extra money for prom

How to make extra money for prom

Going to prom is a huge deal for high school kids. It is almost a requirement to graduation. Unfortunately, schools do not generally budget very much for the occasion and prom committees are forced to do plenty of fundraising to make the event as memorable as they can. There are many options that the committee may choose to use to collect the required funds.

One of the most popular fundraisers of all time is holding a bake sale. Members of the committee and also members of the classes taking part in prom can collect baked goods from either their families or things that they have made themselves. These can then be sold either at school sporting events or during some other school event that is convenient. Proceeds can go directly to the prom fund.

Another thing that the committee can set up is a cookbook sale. People are frequently looking for new recipes to try out with their families. Most people get sick of the same food all the time. Committee members can collect recipes from family and friends, compile a cookbook, and then sell them to the parents. This can be a huge moneymaker.

Selling candy is another of the more popular options. There are a lot of companies that offer this type of fundraising. People who wish to be involved can sell the candy either door to door in their own neighborhood, at their jobs, or their parent’s jobs or they can set up at school events and sell to the people there.

A more unique and fun fundraising opportunity could be selling roses. The prom committee could put up a sign up for students to purchase a rose for another student, whether it is a good friend who is always there for them or a significant other. The prom committee then would buy the roses wholesale and attach tags to them that the person who purchased the rose would fill out and then deliver the roses during the school day.

There are also many companies out there that put out catalogs with many different things from gourmet candy to knick-knacks that students can take to their family and friends. People then place orders and a portion of the proceeds is given to the prom fund. This can be a big hit since people are more likely to purchase something that they can use and that they want.

Especially since prom takes place in the spring, selling flowers and plants could be another option. People are already planting gardens and if the profits will go towards a worthy cause, they will be willing to spend a little extra on the plants. Plants are also a great gift which also helps encourage people to buy more.

Fundraising can be a risky business, but if a lot of thought about the target group can make things a great success. Think about what the target group would want and go with that. If you will need to do a few different fundraisers, spread them out. Don’t do 3 or 4 different fundraisers at the same time. If the prom committee is set up early enough, they can do a different fundraiser each semester to help keep the interest up.


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