How to make Elvis costumes for babies

How to make Elvis costumes for babies

You have decided that you want to dress like Elvis for Halloween and you want the baby to fit in with the rest of the family. I have some great tips that will help you get baby ready for any Elvis costume party, or just for the cute Elvis trick-or-treat night out. Costumes can be easy and fun to create for baby, you can use your imagination to no end to get baby looking like the best Elvis ever.

Some of the things that you have to remember are that you should never put any kind of make-up on baby; he or she might have a reaction to it. Also a wig might make baby’s head hot so if you plan on using one make sure that it is lightweight and that it is easy to remove so that you can keep baby from getting overheated. If you want the baby to have full Elvis hair get a hat and attach the hair to it so that it can be removed when baby is someplace warm. Sideburns can be hung from the hat, just make sure that they are not where the baby can grab them and they don’t get into baby’s mouth or nose.

For the clothing for baby Elvis, all you have to have is a sleeper that fits the baby. If you can remember Elvis wore a white jumpsuit at one point and time. Baby’s white sleeper can be made to look just like that jumper. The jumper had wings in the back that connected to the arms. This is easy to put on the baby’s sleeper. Just get some white material and cut out the wings. Just lay out the sleeper with arms out and measure the distance between the end of the sleeve and the back to see how wide to make the wings. Use your imagination; you can make the wings scalloped like bat wings or just a curve. The wings will be cut out in a triangle shape and sewn to the sleeper securely so that they will not fall off.

I know that Elvis wore a sequence on his jumper. If you want to put some shiny sequence on your baby you need to make sure that it is something that you can sew on and that baby can not accidentally pull off and swallow. I prefer to take a good cloth maker and draw on designs or patterns. I like to use different colors and make sure that they are bright.

Elvis had a big belt that he wore with his jumper. You can achieve this look by using a wide piece of material and just tying it around the baby’s waist. Or you can adjust an old belt that you have to fit around the baby. It can be decorated the same way that you decorate the sleeper to match. Make sure that you get a large pair of sunglasses for the baby to wear during pictures. This will make the baby look exceptional and will keep the flash out of the baby’s eyes.

Remember that Elvis had a lot of different stages in life. Most people remember the white jumpsuit and it will be recognized easier as baby Elvis. Baby will be the hit of the part dressed like Elvis, just be safe and have fun.


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