How to make effective cold calls

How to make effective cold calls

As a 23-year-old I didn’t know where my life was going and had no real career, when someone convinced me to try sales. Not that inside sales stuff that makes outgoing phone calls and pay per product that is sold; outside sales traveling from place to place selling a product.

Since my self-esteem was not the greatest I sent my resume in as a joke and to my surprise they called for an interview and hired me. Now being in this world of sales that I knew nothing about I wasn’t sure what to do, and how most importantly to get customers to remember me. The following are some ideas I have come up with that helped me in the field of sales and seemed to make a great impression on my customers.

While in training I met a man whose last name was Reece, so he gave all his customers Reese’s peanut butter cups as a selling pitch. Working like a charm, I wonder what I could associate with a boring last name such as mine. Nothing I came up with made sense until I found out a study was done on adults and how their listening skills typically are. As adults, we like to chew on our pens or play with something while we are on the phone, but in a professional setting usually, we try not to let others see our habits.

I came up with the thought of play dough, when I would enter a business I would leave a business card as well as a small can of play dough with a label on it that had my name, company and a short message catered to the time of year. For instance, in December, my message was a Happy Holiday, and in June it was Enjoy a summer full of fun! I was amazed at how many people knew me as the play dough girl and looked forward to me coming in.

Although they didn’t always remember my name they remembered that I brought them to play dough and that was much more than any other sales rep got. Since my boss didn’t like the idea until he saw how it helped me. I have seen many things used, like candy canes around the holidays, or mini slinky’s. Also, I have found that having your picture on a business card, like Realtor’s do is a great asset, letting the customer see a face with the product and name.

Being as though we all aren’t fond of salespeople, being a salesperson in this day and age one must be very creative in the ways they “sell” their product! I know this sounds like a weird idea but when thinking of how we ourselves act we come to the reality that it is fun and works. Being a sales rep is hard enough since people have deadlines to meet and work to do rather than talk to a sales rep all day. Bring something fun into the meeting tends to ease the tension for both parties as well as bring a little fun into the office!

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