How to make edible playdough

How to make edible playdough

Kids love to create, and a simple, affordable, and safe medium for them to use plays dough. It’s almost impossible to keep kids from tasting their dough, though, and in the end most kids end up with slimy dough, dyed tongues, and a salty bitter taste in their mouths.

What if curious kids could actually eat their play dough and enjoy it? Now they can! Making edible play dough is simple, and it is something that most kids really enjoy because it’s sort of like letting the kids sneak cookies from the cookie jar.

In order to make edible play dough, you will need one large mixing bowl and a mixing spoon. The ingredients are peanut butter, honey, dry milk, and flour. Put three-quarters of a cup of peanut butter into the bowl and then add one-quarter of a cup of honey. Mix the two together thoroughly until you can’t tell the difference between the peanut butter and the honey.

Next, add a cup of the dry milk (it will look like little, crunchy balls when it comes out of the box) and a quarter cup of the flour. Mix these together with the peanut butter and honey. If the mixture still looks like it will be very sticky to the touch, then add quarter cups of the dry milk until the mixture is no longer sticky. Making edible play dough is that simple!

You can alter this recipe to your own tastes, by either adding more peanut butter or honey or making a dryer mixture by adding more dry milk or flour. You can experiment by adding chocolate chips to the recipe, but remember that chocolate chips melt easily when they become warm, so it is best to use them when you don’t plan on letting the kids play with their play dough for very long before they eat it.

There are always a few important things to keep in mind when doing a project like this with young children. Always have them wash their hands with soap and warm water before settling in to start the project. Have the kids wear smocks to avoid getting peanut butter and honey all over their clothing.

If possible, let each child help in the creation of the edible play-dough. You can have them measure different ingredients, spoon out the ingredients, or mix the concoction together. When the mixture is complete, make sure that each child gets his or her own portion. There should be no sharing! You don’t want children to spread germs to other children, so make sure that they have no need to by giving them their own play dough to play with.

If you feel adventurous, try to make your own edible playdough recipes with your kids. Just make sure that all ingredients are, in fact, safe to eat. Flour tends to be a good base ingredient, but be creative. Remember to make the dough more dry than sticky so that you can play with it before tasting it!

If you feel adventurous
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