Easter candy

Ah, Easter time. The most popular holiday in the spring of the year. Easter brings with it baskets full of decorated eggs and, of course, delicious candy treats. You can either place store-bought candy into the baskets that you prepare, or you can take some time and make your own delectable sweets. The easiest type of cand to make is a solid variety. You can make it in many different flavors which include chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, etc.

To make your own solid Easter candy, you will need only a few things. These will include the chocolate or whatever flavor of candy that you want to use, two microwave-safe containers, glass measuring cups being the best to use, candy molds, edible decorations, and candy paints, and a double boiler or a microwave oven.

Using your microwave oven seems to be much easier as well as much faster, but you must be very careful not to over-microwave the candy as it can easily scorch and burn. You will have to experiment and find out exactly how long it takes for your microwave oven to melt the candy. Not burn it, just melt it until it becomes a thick liquid consistency. You can purchase the candy in bulk–usually ten-pound chunks–along with the edible decorations and the candy paint at a local craft or candy store.

The first step is to set-up your work area. You will have to break the candy block into smaller, useable chunks. Layout the molds that you will want to use at this time. Now, place enough of the candy into a microwave-safe container. You will want just enough candy to fill one mold at a time. Place the container into the microwave and melt it on a low setting. There again, the setting that you will use will depend on your microwave oven.

It will take a minute or two for the candy to melt completely. When it is thick and liquid, quickly remove it from the microwave and stir it well to get the lumps out. You will want a smooth mix. Now, quickly, but carefully, so as not to spill it, pour it into the mold. The candy will start to harden quickly so you have to hurry. Do not overfill the mold. Fill each mold or section of each mold so that there is a slight space at the top.

Let the mold either cool at room temperature or, for faster results, carefully set it in the refrigerator. Switch over to using the second microwave-safe container and proceed by going through each step again. While the next batch of candy is melting, wash out the first container that you used with hot, soapy water so it will be ready for use again. You must clean out each container before using it again, because, if you leave any leftover candy in it, even a bit of it, when you place new candy in it and place it in the microwave oven, the leftover candy will scorch. This will result in the entire batch being burned and ruined.

After the candy in the molds have hardened again, you can carefully remove each piece and turn them over on a flat surface such as a table or counter. Use the edible decorations to add your own colorful touches. You can purchase a special paint brush to use with the paint, but a toothpick will work just as well.

A toothpick will also work better and be easier to use when doing small detail work. If you have made a rabbit, for example, you can paint the inner ears pink, give it a pink nose, and colored whiskers. Maybe the rabbit has a carrot. That will be colored orange, of course, and, you get the idea.

If you don’t prepare Easter baskets, you can always make and sell the candy and earn some extra cash, too!

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