How to make dollhouse lighting

How to make dollhouse lighting

Need to pretend it is a dark and stormy night?

You can make lightning for your dollhouse. This will make for a fun, creative, and even spooky setting. Get ready to have the most unique dollhouse accessory ever.

There are so many ways to make dollhouse lightning. It all depends on what you think looks best. Perhaps you’d even like to make a few of the options and use them together.

To create the look of a bolt of lightning with all those squiggly branches of light, you first need to go outside and find a small tree branch that mimics this look. You can pick it up off of the ground or cut it from a tree. Be sure to pluck off all of the leaves and / or brush off all of the dirt. Then you need silver spray paint. Prepare your outdoor spray painting area by laying down newspaper and weighting it down with rocks (or whatever you have on hand to prevent the newspaper from blowing in the breeze).

Shake the silver spray paint well then coat one side of the small tree branch with the paint. Let dry then repeat on the other side. Once completely dried, bring the lightning bolt branch inside and hang near the roof of the dollhouse. You can do this by stringing it to the ceiling or even just taping it to the wall. If you want the lightning to hit the dollhouse just tape or glue it directly to the roof.

If you don’t have ready access to nature you can create a bolt of lightning out of toothpicks. With a hot glue gun (be very careful because it is hot) or super glue (watch out for your skin) attach the toothpicks together like a branch. If you have the patience you can attach the toothpicks with white craft glue by using a piece of wax paper or a plastic bag as your work surface. This way you can dab on a good amount of glue on each joint, let dry, and then just peel it off. When dry, paint the lightning bolt gold, silver, white, or yellow.

Have gold, silver, white, or yellow yarn or embroidery thread? You can make lightning out of it. First find a plastic bag or wax paper as your work surface (as suggested in above paragraph). Then cut pieces of the yarn or thread and start making a lightning bolt. You can tie a knot where each branch of the lightning attaches or just use white craft glue at each of these connections. Once you have completed your lightning bolt, there are two ways to stiffen it and keep its shape. You can either spray on several coats of starch or gently coat the entire lightning bolt in white craft glue, since it will dry stiff and clear. Using a paintbrush to apply the craft glue is the best approach. Let completely dry before removing from plastic bag or wax paper. Then use to decorate the dollhouse.

You can create a lightning storm scene to place behind the dollhouse. Get a piece of poster board. It can be white or black. If using white poster board you will need black, gray, dark blue, and yellow markers, colored pencils, or crayons. If you can find it a silver marker, colored pencil, or crayon makes great lightning. Draw streaks of lightning then add the dark storm clouds. If using black poster board, use a silver marker to make streaks of lightning against a pure black background. You could even use white out or white paint if you can’t find a silver marker. Then fold the poster board in three sections, unfold, and place behind the dollhouse (the folds will make it stand). Stormy night achieved!

Does your dollhouse also need a lightning rod? You can use a silver knitting needle. Just glue it to the roof. Don’t have one? Find a sharpened pencil (any kind of pencil) and spray paint the entire pencil silver. This can also be glued to the roof. It’s really fun to attach a lightning rod then attach bolt lightning to it. You really know the lightning rod is working when it attracts lightning.

Does your dollhouse

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