How to make doggie bandanas

How to make doggie bandanas

There are all types of different outfits for dogs nowadays but some dogs don’t like to wear clothing. Most dogs don’t mind a simple bandana, though. Dogs look so cute wearing bandanas and they can express themselves at the same time. Make bandanas for your dog then decorate them depending upon the occasion. During the holidays you can purchase Christmas fabrics to fashion the bandanas. During the beginning of spring make ones with butterflies or flowers. Or just make a solid-colored bandana and use fabric paints to put the dog’s name on it.

Look for fabrics that are lightweight. Cotton or cotton blends are good choices but avoid heavy fabrics like corduroy or denim. Cotton comes in all sorts of colors and patterns giving the pet owner plenty from which to choose.

Bandanas are easy to make but different sizes are needed for various sized dogs. The basic instructions for making the bandana are to cut a rectangle and hem it. For a small dog cut the fabric 8″ X10″. Medium dogs require a cut of 12″X16″ and for a large dog, 18″X26″. Fold the edge a mere quarter-inch, then fold over once again. Sew a few stitches then backstitch. Proceed in stitching around the perimeter of the bandana. Pin the hem first if that makes it easier for you. Instead of pinning you can iron the hem before stitching it. This creases the fabric and keeps it lying flat during stitching.

Since the dog normally wears the bandana folded in half and then tied around the neck you can save fabric by simply making half a bandana. For small dogs make the triangle 4″X4″ X10″. For a medium dog, 6″X6″ X16″ and a large dog, 9″X9″ X26″. Cut the triangle and hem all three sides. If you find that these cuts are not small enough or not large enough take your own measurements and make an even smaller or larger size.

After sewing the bandana there are all types of ways to decorate it. Put fringe or fur along the edges or sew a bell on the point of the triangle. Use stencils and fabric paints to write Santa’s Little Helper” or “Merry Christmas”. You can make the bandana more elaborate if you wish, adding little snowmen made from felt to the bandana. Stuff the snowmen with cotton slightly before attaching. Outline in gold glitter paint.

Make reversible bandanas by sewing two pieces of fabric together. Cut two different patterns and lay them with right sides together. Sew a third of the way from the corner on one side, over to the corner. Sew around the other three sides and into the last side a few inches. Stop. This should leave an opening by which you can turn the bandana right side outwards and stitch shut. Fold the bandana in half on the side you want to show then tie it on the dog. The same thing can be done to make the half bandana reversible.

Make bandanas for every occasion including New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and even Mother’s Day.

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