How to make decorative wreaths

Wreaths were originally made of evergreens as a Christmas decoration. The circle of the wreath symbolizes life and love everlasting and continuous. Now wreaths are enjoyed year round to decorate homes both inside and out.

You will need some basic tools including wire cutters, hot glue gun, ribbon cutting scissors, floral picks and florist tape. Include a supply of 22 or 24 gauge craft wire for making loops for hanging and tying bows.
Next you will need to choose the materials you want to adorn your wreath with. Take into consideration the place you will be hanging your wreath and determine the overall look you are trying to achieve.

To make a wreath you need to start with the base. There are only a few basic forms that are generally used but they come in many various sizes.


Straw Wreaths are wrapped with wire or clear nylon strings. To make a wreath using a straw base, make a small grouping of 3 or 4 flowers or other elements, and secure the stems to the wooden part of a floral pick. The floral pick will have a wire that can wrap around the stems securely. When you have enough completed picks you can begin pushing them into your form. Choosing a broad color combination will let the eye travel around the entire wreath. For a spectacular fall, wreath try following this method using yellow, orange, and red oak leaves!


Wire forms work the best for delicate dried flower arrangements and can handle heavy weight embellishments as well. To make a flower wreath with a wire form you will need to plan out all of the flowers you want to use. This method makes it impossible to add other flowers along the way so you have to plan ahead. To make a traditional evergreen holiday wreath, take a grouping of evergreens or boxwood and place them on the wireframe.

Use one hand to hold the flowers and with the other hand wrap the stems with wire or twine. Work in a clockwise motion and securely tie it to the wreath. Continue this process of winding until the entire wreath is wound covering the inner and outer edges of the frame. Don’t worry about using too many greens – the fuller the wreath the better. For a festive look try adding small holiday balls, red berries, crab apples, small oranges or glue some nuts on. Small pinecones, cinnamon sticks, red bows, brass French horn, or candy canes also make a stunning decoration. Drape beads around the wreath or use jingle bells for added interest.


Grapevine wreaths are available in several colors as well as different shapes and look beautiful even when they are not entirely covered up. You can buy grapevine wreaths inexpensively or make your own by taking three vines and twisting them together and securing it into a circle. Continue with the other pieces one at a time, weaving them in and out of the original vines until it is a wide as you want. To make a heart-shaped wreath in this manner use a coat hanger to make your initial shape.

Using a hot glue gun to attach dried flowers to grapevine wreaths can save you a lot of time. It also make it easy to add flowers wherever you need to balance out your wreath. Try using fresh silver king eucalyptus, moss or lavender for a cottage garden look. Experiment using the same kind of flowers. Muted Hydrangea’s hot glued to a grapevine wreath make a elegant formal decoration.


This base enables you to use floral picks or glue. Using a Styrofoam wreath as a foundation to display shells you may have gathered from the beach. For a child’s bedroom glue blocks or small toys to a base pre-filled with eucalyptus or babies’ breath. Hang booties or baby’s first rattle or pacifier from the ribbon as sentimental reminders or your cherished memories.

Wreaths can be charming inside or out, are fun to circle around candles, use as a centerpiece or even to embellish a chandelier. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!

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