How to make cubby hole sets

cubby hole sets

Children always have lots of small things that need to be put away and you can make it easier on them and yourself by making them some cubby holes to tuck in clothes, shoes, and toys. There are several different ways to make the cubby holes.

Start with an area of the child’s closet or bedroom. Lay a piece of plywood down and nail, staple, or glue large plastic bowls onto it. The bowls should be facing with the open part outwards and one side down on the plywood. Do any pattern you like keeping in mind that the second row of bowls will nestle in between each bowl of the first set. Your pattern can be four across the bottom, then three bowls, two, then one.

Or make it larger across the bottom without coming to a point at the top such as a pattern of six, five, four, then three on top. Although you have a choice of how to affix the first row of bowls, the second and subsequent rows will have to be glued together. The top of the cubby set should be no higher than the child’s head. Use decorative stickers or appliques to brighten the set.

There are various things you can use to make the cubbies. Dollar stores often carry small square crates similar to milk crates. These are perfect for the cubby arrangement. Since the crates have openings they can be tied together rather than glued. Use bread ties, wire, rope or cord to hold the higher rows to each other.

The first row can be screwed or nailed. Position the crates similar to the bowls rather than stacking them exactly on top of one another. This makes the pyramid a little more sturdy. The arrangement doesn’t have to be done in a triangular shape. The crates can be put together in a four-three-four arrangement. Experiment with the shape and size of the cubbies before making it permanent.

Instead of using a piece of plywood the crates can be attached directly to the floor and wall. Use staples and rope to hold them steady. Or, attach the crates together then run a pole through the center of the set, attaching it to the ceiling and floor.

Thick cardboard boxes can be used in place of the crates or bowls. The boxes need to be the same size and shape but can be anything from shoe boxes to mail packaging. Glue the boxes together then screw them to the floor and wall. Cover each box in cloth or adhesive paper to make it not only decorative but slightly more sturdy.

There doesn’t have to be a particular pattern to the cubby arrangement. You can simply begin affixing cubby-type objects to the wall and add more as needed. Do a complete wall or just a small corner of the closet.

The bedroom isn’t the only place where the cubbies come in handy. Laundry rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms can be straightened up nicely by making a small set of cubbies along a portion of the wall.

You can use most anything that is round, square, triangular or rectangular to make the cubbies so long as they fit together well. Some other ideas are small trash cans, lightweight canisters, clothes baskets, pails and cardboard drawers. Be sure the arrangement is affixed securely to prevent it from falling during use.

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