How to make crayons, easy and fast

How to make crayons, easy and fast

It’s getting harder and harder to find unique gifts for kids. All of them seem to have everything already, and you usually see duplicate gifts on holidays and birthdays. You can make these crayons yourself with simple ingredients and you can bet they won’t end up in the bottom of the toy box with the old broken Crayolas! You can also sell these Crayons at craft fairs or make gift baskets that can be given to children in the hospital for a great community project! You can find chocolate and plaster molds in almost every craft store, let your imagination soar and let the whole family pitch in! A great rainy day project for kids.


Chocolate or plaster molds
1 Cup of Soap flakes (like Ivory Snow)
Food Coloring
1 Tablespoon of hot water

Put soap flakes into a bowl, add soap flakes, stirring constantly. Mixture will be quite thick and difficult to stir.

Separate mixture into several bowls. Add food coloring, mixing each color until it is blended well.

Press mixture into molds, let dry for at least one week. After removing crayons from mold, let dry for a day or so.

You can make crayons to suit any theme and parents will appreciate the fact that you haven’t added another useless toy to their closets!

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