How to make craft foam door hangers

How to make craft foam door hangers

Craft foam door hangers are a decorative way to make a statement. You can relay messages as well as spruce up an otherwise average door. Express yourself with a favorite quotation, a special sentiment, or simply let others know you don’t want to be disturbed.

To make craft foam door hangers you will need sheets of craft foam in colors of your choice, a fine-tip black marker, craft scissors, a 3 ˝ inch diameter round stencil, letter stencils, a ruler, pointed craft scissors, and thick craft glue. Optional supplies are miscellaneous stencils, acrylic paint, paint brushes, wooden craft sticks of various sizes, faux gemstones, decorative-edge scissors, glitter glue, rickrack, ribbon, and other decorative trim of your choice. Come up with your own subjects, or use the following ideas to make door hangers you can use, sell, or give to friends and family.

To make a do not disturb door hanger you will need a sheet of white craft foam, yellow craft foam, and red craft foam. For this particular door hanger craft project, you will also need a ruler, a fine-tip black marker, pointed craft scissors, a 2 ½ inch long wooden craft stick, thick craft glue, and silver or gold glitter glue.

Begin by cutting out the base of the door hanger from a sheet of white craft foam. It should measure 5 inches by 12 inches. After cutting out the base you will need to trace around a round object that measures approximately 3 ˝ inches in diameter. A cup or glass of that size would work well as a stencil. Draw the circle about one inch from the top of the door hanger base, and make sure it’s centered. Cut out the circle with pointed craft scissors. Save the center to use for some of the lettering or for future craft projects.

Paint a 2-½ inch long wooden craft stick with dark green acrylic paint. This will serve as a post for the stop sign. Set it aside to dry before continuing.

Next, you will need to trace around the same round object on a piece of red craft foam. Make the circle into a hexagon by measuring and cutting off eight opposite sides. Glue the craft foam hexagon about 2 inches below the circular opening, and glue the painted wooden craft stick to the base of the door hanger in the back of the stop sign about ÂĽ inch below the bottom. The red craft foam hexagon and dark green stick should now resemble a stop sign.

Now it’s time to make the letters for the door hanger. Use appropriately sized stencils to trace the phrase, do not disturb, on a sheet of white craft foam. Carefully cut out the letters using pointed craft scissors. Glue the letters to the sign using thick craft glue.

Trim the door hanger with small yellow stars. Trace a small star-shaped stencil on a sheet of yellow craft foam. Make 10 or 12 stars to embellish the sign. Cut out the stars, and glue them to the door hanger.

Further embellish the sign by making a border of glitter glue around the edges of the door hanger. You can also put glitter glue on the centers of the stars to make them sparkle and shine. Allow the glue to dry completely before displaying the door hanger.

Make a double-duty door hanger by creating a welcome message for the other side of the do not disturb sign. Make the welcome sign exactly the same as the stop sign, but draw the hexagon on a sheet of green craft foam instead of red. Draw and cut out letters from a sheet of white craft foam that spell the word welcome. Glue the letters on, and allow the sign to dry completely before hanging. Flip the sign according to whether or not you are receiving guests.

Use your imagination to create door hangers for every occasion. Embellish them with decorative items of your choice, and display them to convey a message to those entering and exiting your home. Door hangers are a wonderful way to make an ordinary door uniquely extraordinary.

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