How to Make Costume Wings

How to Make Costume Wings

Making wings for any type of costume is a fun and fairly simple Halloween craft project that you can do with your little Angels at hand. You will want to get your glue gun ready, or if you do not have a glue gun you might want to purchase one (they are usually pretty cheap and come in handy).

A glue gun, however, does not have to be a requirement for this project. I am now going to take you through the process of making wings for your Angel, fairy, butterfly, or any other type of flying or fairytale costume that you might need wings for.

To make the frame of your wings you will need two pieces of thick, pliable wire that should be comparable to that of a metal hanger. You can even use two metal hangers if your child is small enough; otherwise, you would want each piece of the wire to range anywhere from twenty four to forty eight inches in length or more depending on the height of the child or adult the wings are being made for.

You will want to bend each piece of wire into the shape of the number 3 using your hands or a good pair of pliers. Then bend a small hook in the shape of the letter e at each end of the pieces of wire.

Once you have finished shaping the metal frames of your wings you will need to get either two large pieces of wax paper or two large pieces of cloth to attach to the frames. You can use your hot glue gun to glue the wax paper or cloth to the frames or if you do not have a hot glue gun you can sew the cloth to the metal frames as well. Cutaway any excess wax paper or cloth leaving only one half of an inch to one full inch of material hanging over the edge of the frame.

Once the glue has dried or you have finished sewing the cloth to the metal frames it is time to glue on the decorations. Depending on the type of wings you are making you will want an assortment of different things to glue to the wings to make them look as realistic or as animated as possible.

You can use different colored feathers, sequins, markers, crayons, yarn, glitter, lace, cotton balls, and the list goes on and on to decorate your wings with. A glue stick would be the best way to attach the decorations to the wings. This is the best part of making the wings so try to be as creative as possible. Do not forget to decorate both sides of your wings.

Let the wings sit and dry for a couple of hours then go back and make sure that all of the decorations are still glued on tight. Once you are sure the wings are ready you can sew them onto your child’s costume using the small e shaped hooks on the ends of the frame as anchors or you can get two large pieces of ribbon and lace them through the shaped hooks then tie them around the torso of your child once they have put on their costume of choice.

The best and probably the most comfortable way to tie the wings on would be to take the ribbon and lace it through the bottom hook of the left-wing then lace it through the top hook of the right-wing then bring the ribbon underneath the left arm and over top of the right shoulder and tie the ribbon into a big bow then repeat on the other side.

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