How to make cookie cards

How to make cookie cards

Cookie cards are a unique gift to make as presents. Cookie cards make excellent gifts to be given at Christmas, Birthdays, Showers and many occasions.


  • Cards: (Christmas, Birthday, Thanks You, appreciation or any occasion.)
  • Cookies (Any kind homemade are best)
  • Tape
  • Plastic wrap or sandwich bags
  • Tissue paper; white or colored
  • Bows in various colors
  • Name tags
  • Recipe card (optional)

Cards can be any size you want, but if you are using a dozen cookies then cards that are approximately 6½ by 4½ work nicely. Be sure that the card you choose opens from the side and not the bottom. Be sure your card is made of card stock and not paper. Card stock works best. You may want to even use a smaller card to use for children or as place settings at parties. Pick the appropriate card for the occasion. Christmas Cards, Birthday, Get well, Thank You, are but a few.

To begin take your card and lay it flat on the table. Take your tape and tape the card closed, so you cannot open it.
You might want to sign your name inside first. If you want to enclose the recipe for your cookies this is the time to do it. You can write the recipe inside the card or tape the recipe to the inside of the card.

After you have taped your card together you should be able to gently squeeze it to form a cylinder.

Cookies can be any kind, but it is much more personal to make homemade cookies. You may make any kind that you choose. Perhaps you have a favorite family recipe that you would like to use. It is important that when making your cookies that you do not make them too large to fit into the Cookie Card cylinder. I have found it best to make cookies that do not spread when baked, this way you can be in control of the size that you want.
I use a drinking glass, making sure that the size of the bottom of the glass fits in the Cookie Card cylinder.
I then make a ball from my cookie dough and lightly tap it with the bottom of the glass. This way all my cookies are the same size and fit in my Cookie Card cylinder.

After your cookies are baked and cooled, stack the cookies on top of each other until you have a dozen or the amount you want to use. You can then either place the stack of cookies in a sandwich bag or roll in plastic wrap. Be sure they remain in a roll.

Take some tissue paper and squeeze into a ball, stuff inside the cookie card cylinder at the bottom. Tape across the bottom to form an X, so that the tissue paper will be secure.

Slide the cookies into the Cookie Card. Take another piece of tissue and do the same things at the top, securing it also with tape.

Your card should be able to stand upright. Take a bow and place it on the top of the card over the tissue paper.

You may want to tie or tape a gift tag to the gift.

These Cookie Cards make great little gifts to give to teachers, neighbors, children, elderly, paper-boy, mail carriers. Grandchildren just love them. Use them in Sunday school, extra gifts for someone unexpected during holidays. Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Birthdays, all holidays are great occasions. You can also use small ones as place settings at parties. There are many ways to use Cookie cards.

Remember to keep extra cookies wrapped and frozen to have oh hand for an occasion to give your Cookie Cards. You do not need a reason to give Cookie Cards They make excellent give-a-ways anytime.
Have fun and enjoy it.


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