How to make colored macaroni necklaces

How to make colored macaroni necklaces

Making colored, uncooked macaroni necklaces is a wonderful activity for children. Stringing macaroni onto yarn or string is not only fun but takes as much or as little time as you have. It’s a perfect craft at school, church, any other activity time. Children can make long strands or short strands depending on the time, their ability, and their creativity. Before the activity begins, color and dry the macaroni.

Macaroni can be easily colored. It can be many different shades. Specialty stores might have a red or green macaroni, but now you can easily make any color that you would like by buying and mixing food coloring and rubbing alcohol. Liquid food coloring works the best. Grocery stores carry basic primary colors. They can be mixed to make different shades and secondary colors.

Pour one-fourth cup rubbing alcohol into a 12 to 16 oz cup. Disposable cups are the best. Add 5 to 15 drops of a food coloring of your choice. Two different colors can be added to one cup for extra colors. The colors blue and yellow added to the rubbing alcohol will make green. The colors red and yellow added to the rubbing alcohol will make orange. The colors red and blue added to the rubbing alcohol will make purple. The more colors that you make, the more fun you have.

After you have added the food coloring to the alcohol in the cup, measure one cup of uncooked macaroni into the cup. Stir with a spoon until all macaroni is coated. Then spoon the macaroni onto a counter or table on layers of paper towel. The alcohol will evaporate soon after. If you are in a big hurry, a fan blowing on the macaroni or putting outside in the sun quickens the process. The macaroni is dry and ready to string. After you experiment with one cup, you will begin to know how much food coloring you like, depending on how bright or muted that you want the color of the macaroni.

Macaroni comes in different sizes. A number of sizes work. Just make sure that the string or yarn that you are using to string the macaroni fits through the center of each piece of macaroni. A favorite preference in
necklace macaroni is the little macaroni that is about one fourth inch wide. It strings easily.

Stringing the macaroni is easy. Cut any length of thick string or yarn. Wrap a piece of masking tape around one end of the string or yarn so that it is stiff, making stringing easy. At the other end of the string or yarn, tie one piece of macaroni. This keeps the macaroni from falling off as the children string it. When the child has finished stringing, tie the two pieces together for a necklace. Leftover dry macaroni can be stored indefinitely.

Special holiday necklaces are exciting for children to make. Green and red necklaces make Christmastime festive. Orange and black strands at Halloween are fun. Pastels at Easter time are always nice.

Some children will try to eat the macaroni necklaces. Stringing Cheerios or Fruit Loops is a fun idea for children who would rather eat than string.


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