How to make clothespin dolls

How to make clothespin dolls

Clothespin dolls are not only easy to make, but they are inexpensive, as they can be made from and dressed with scrap fabric and materials that are more than likely laying around your house. Especially if you’re a crafter already.

To make a clothespin doll you will need:

Round end clothespins (also called “dollhead” pins)
3 1/2″ long pipe cleaner
Drill with 1/8″ drill bit
Paint for hair
Bead for girl hair
Fine point markers for face
Fabric scraps

Take clothespin and drill hole 1/4″ down from what will be neck of clothespin. Run pipe cleaner through hole. Make arms even and then fold ends back for hands.

For female doll, glue bead for hair bun on top of head. Draw face on and then paint hair, bead included. Paint black on clothespin ends for shoes. Let clothespin dry.

To make clothes, glue pieces of lace fabric around each leg for pantaloons. For dress, you will need a piece of fabric 3″x3″. Fold in half. In the center of fold, cut a half circle for the neck. When unfolded, this will be a complete circle. With fabric still folded, fold again the other way so that fabic makes small square with one corner notched out. 1/2″ down from second fold, cut in 1″ from edge, then turn, making a 90 degree angle and cut down to other edge. Unfolded, this will make a red cross shape with a hole in center.

Using the longer ends for sleeves, sew a thin piece of lace to cuffs if desired. Then turn right sides together and stitch, with 1/8″ seams. Turn right side out. Cut down from neck to waist to make an open type jacket. Fit onto doll and glue the front seams to the doll. Add some lace, glued around neck and then down the front to cover the seams.

For skirt, you need to cut a 2″x6″ piece of fabric. Sew matching lace to one end. On other end, sew a basting stitch at waistline for gathering. Fold fabric in half with right sides together and stitch the side. Put onto doll and gather the waistline thread until it fits. Glue in place with shirt edge. Cut a piece of wide ribbon to cover glued waistline and secure with glue in back of doll.

If you desire a hat, cut a semicircle with a straight edge of 1 1/2″. Felt works good for this as it remains stiff. Fold straight edge in half and glue to back of head.

To make a boy doll, glue solid fabric around each leg for pants as you did the pantaloons for the girl dolls. Cut a shirt for the boy doll with the same pattern instructions used for girls’ bodice top, omitting lace edges, but turning edges slightly under before gluing.
Cut 2, 1/8″ wide strips of fabric or ribbon and glue over shoulders, running to waist on front and back sides for suspenders. Cut one final 1/2″ wide piece of fabric to wrap around wasit for cumberbund. Glue into place.

Once you have made one of these dolls, you will find yourself making several more as each one takes on a personality all their own. They make wonderful gifts, too.

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