How to make Christmas wreaths with pipe cleaners

How to make Christmas wreaths with pipe cleaners

These Pipe Cleaner Christmas Wreaths are simple to make, and will not only make good presents, but is sure to bring out the creative genius in your child also.

Items Needed:

Pipe Cleaners (You can buy these buy the bag at the Dollar Store)
Small Bows (Bows should be about 1″ inch or less in size. These Should be cloth or velvet bows, not plastic. We will be attaching a bell to them).
Small bells
Pin Backings
Magnet Backings


Before you make your wreath, take one pipe cleaner out and bend it in the shape of a circle. This will determine how big your wreath is going to be. (We do this because pipe cleaners come in several different sizes. You want to choose the biggest size that you can find).

If you think that the wreath is going to be to small, take another pipe cleaner and twist the ends of the two cleaners together, forming a tight knot. Repeat above procedure. Keep doing these same two procedures until you reach the size that you want your wreath to become.

Next, take rest of pipe cleaners and start twisting them together with the “wreath” circle that you have pre-measured. Start with the first cleaner of the “wreath,” and twist another cleaner to it. Keep repeating procedure all the way to the end of the “wreath” that you have pre-measured. Repeat this same procedure until all pipe cleaners have been used. (Depending on size of wreath, you may need to use more than one bag of Pipe Cleaners).

Once your wreath is as “thick and wide” as you desire, shape it into a circle. Twist the ends together at the top to hold together.

bodyOffer2()Next, take a red bow, untie it, and slip a bell on. Then take bow and bell and tie to the top of the wreath. The bow and bell will hide the knot where the ends are twisted together.

If you twisted other ends together, have other knots showing, or just wish for more decoration, take more bows and attach bells, and tie them over the wreath where ever you desire. Cover other knots and twists with them or just spice them up.

Most people prefer small wreaths. They make them to wear on their clothing as pins, or place on metal surface with magnets.

Some do make these wreaths large enough to hang on their doors. If you want to do this, you may want to attach more decorative items to your wreath like some holly leaves with berries, (craft store), little birds, whatever you want.

If you want to wear on your clothes, simply peel and attach a pin backing, pressing firmly onto pipe cleaners for sticking.

Or you could peel and attach a magnet.

There are numerous ways to use these wreaths.

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