How to make Christmas ornaments with material

How to make Christmas ornaments with material

Festive Christmas magnets to display on a refrigerator or other metal surface can be made using sheets of craft foam and other basic craft project materials. These fun holiday magnets are easy to make for all age groups and skill levels. Craft foam Christmas magnets are great to do as a group project, and they are big sellers at Christmas fundraisers.

To make a cute Santa Claus refrigerator magnet you will need a sheet of red craft foam, black felt, white felt, tan felt, a small white pompom, a smaller tan pompom, a tiny black button, plastic craft eyes, a self-adhesive magnetic strip, thick craft glue, a pencil, and craft scissors.

Make the body for Santa by drawing an oval on a sheet of red craft foam. Draw a smaller red craft foam oval that will serve as a backing for the face. The top will remain exposed, forming the hat. On a sheet of white felt, draw cuffs for Santa’s jacket. Make them approximately 1/8-inch wide and ½ inch long. Also make a band for the bottom of the shirt using white felt. Draw a 1/8-inch wide strip on the white felt that’s the same length as the width of the oval. Also draw and cut out a white felt band for Santa’s hat.

This band should be 1/8 inch wide and the same width as the smaller red craft foam oval. You will also need to draw and cut out a small mustache and beard using the white felt. Size it appropriately for Santa’s face. On the tan piece of felt, design and cut out hands and a circle for the face. Size them appropriately as well. Lastly, cut out a pair of black winter boots from the sheet of black felt. Make two half circles side-by-side to form the boots.

Now it’s time to assemble the Santa refrigerator magnet. Begin by gluing the bottom of the smaller red oval to the top of the larger red craft foam oval. Glue the tan felt circle to the bottom portion of the smaller red oval to form the face. Glue the white hatband directly above the tan circle, and glue on the white felt beard and mustache. Glue the shirt band about 1/3 of the way down on the larger red craft foam oval. Glue the tan felt hands on both ends of the shirt band. Attach the white bands for the cuffs directly above the hands. Center and glue the boots to the bottom portion of the body.

To finish assembling the Santa magnet, glue a small white pompom to the topside of the smaller red oval, just above the hatband. Glue a tiny black button to the center of Santa’s shirt, just above the waistband. Glue Santa’s nose and eyes on as well. Complete the refrigerator magnet by attaching a self-adhesive magnetic strip to the back of the larger red oval. Allow the glue to dry completely, and your Santa Claus refrigerator magnet is ready to display.

Make an eye-catching Christmas tree craft foam refrigerator magnet by cutting out the shape of a Christmas tree from a sheet of green craft foam. Cut out ornaments for the tree from scraps of colored craft foam. Glue them on along with a star-shaped cutout for the top of the tree. Finish the refrigerator magnet by making waves of garland using a tube of glitter glue. Allow the glue to dry completely, and attach self-adhesive magnet strips to the back.

These Christmas refrigerator magnets would make a wonderful gift for loved ones and friends. Consider attaching them to wrapped gifts as an added decorative bonus. Remove the magnets, attach a ribbon, and they can be used as Christmas tree decorations. Whatever you use these magnets for, they are sure to be a hit with those who appreciate handmade crafts and Christmas decorations.

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