How to make Christmas ornaments using jingle bells

How to make Christmas ornaments using jingle bells

Christmas ornaments and decorations made using jingle bells are festive and fun. Not only do they add a decorative touch; they also create cheerful sounds of the holiday season. These unique Christmas ornaments can be made by kids as well as adults, and are great when completed as group projects.

To make a jingle bell snowman you will need a white foam ball approximately 4 inches in diameter, large plastic craft eyes, 2 paper plates, a small piece of orange felt or craft foam, a fine-tip black marker, thick craft glue, 4 large metal jingle bells, and scissors. You will also need a serrated knife, masking tape, an 8 1/2 by 11-inch piece of black felt, a strip of red felt that’s 1 inch wide by 6 inches long, a metal skewer, and a yard of ÂĽ inch wide satin ribbon in a color of your choice.

Begin by making a top hat for the snowman jingle bell ornament. On a paper plate, trace around a round object such as a glass to make the form for the top of the hat. Punch a hole through the center of this piece. Use the remaining paper plate to make the sides of the top hat. Use a larger round object as a stencil to make the brim of the hat. Punch a hole in the exact center of the brim as well.

Cut out all the cardboard pieces, and cut out corresponding black felt pieces to cover them. Remember to punch holes in the felt pieces as well so the finished jingle bell snowman can be hung. Ribbon will be strung down through the hat and out the bottom of the head. Complete the hat by attaching the top to the sides using masking tape. Spread a thin layer of glue over the cardboard and tape, and cover them with the corresponding felt pieces. Set the hat aside to dry.

While the pieces are drying, cut off the top of the foam ball to make a flat surface for the hat to rest upon. Carefully poke a hole completely through the exact center of the top of the foam head using a metal skewer. Next you will need to glue the brim of the hat to the flat area on top of the snowman’s head.

The next step is to cut off a 24-inch long piece of inch wide ribbon to string through the hole in the top of the foam head and hat. Use the skewer to push both ends of the ribbon down through the hole and out the bottom. Be sure to leave a loop over the top of the hat so the ornament can be hung when it’s finished. With the ribbon in place, glue the top of the hat to the brim. Set the head on a glass so it doesn’t roll away, and allow the glue to dry completely before continuing.

After the hat is securely attached to the head, you can begin adding the snowman’s facial features. Draw and cut out an appropriately sized carrot nose from a piece of orange felt or craft foam. Glue it to the center of the head, and glue on large plastic craft eyes directly above the nose. Complete the face by drawing a smile with a fine-tip black marker.

Finish the ornament by tying a bow around the top of the two dangling ribbons just beneath the head. Thread the ends of the ribbon through the holes in each jingle bell, and tie them on securely. Tie two bells to each ribbon. Your finished jingle bell snowman ornament is now ready for display.

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